Saturday, November 04, 2006

there are no tinfoil hats anymore

* profmarcus in the comments:
" here's one scenario...

brainwrap at daily kos has a diary up that recounts a campaign event in michigan he attended last night at which ambassador joseph wilson was the featured speaker... he asked the ambassador a question...

I asked a serious question about how he thinks the Bush administration will respond if the Dems DO retake both houses of Congress, considering that a) Bush can now LEGALLY arrest, lock up and torture any U.S. citizen he wants to; b) Bush can now declare martial law anywhere and anytime he wants to; and c) Rumor has it that FEMA has contracted with Halliburton to build dozens of detention centers here in the U.S.
I prefaced my question by admitting that I might be going into tinfoil hat territory. Unfortunately, Wilson stated that at this point, under this administration "there are no tinfoil hats anymore."
although that's not really the answer any of us want to hear, i find it oddly comforting that someone as solid as joe wilson acknowledges just how far this administration has taken us down the road to a police state... brainwrap's reaction to wilson's response was somewhat in the same vein...
This wasn't some paranoid guy at the bowling alley; this was Ambassador Joseph friggin' Wilson, and he was deadly serious.
listen up, folks... serious as a heart attack... "


rimone said...

thank you Joe Wilson--i love you (and Valerie) and also love the dude who questioned him from kos.

Don said...

Joe "I will bring my own fucking rope" Wilson...

Da man's got balls of brass...

...and more courage than every fucking neocon bastard walking free combined.

Draft Wilson! Gore/Wilson in '08! There's a team that'd get the job done right and take no shit doing it!

lukery said...

i'm not quite as confident in mr wilson's integrity

but "I will bring my own fucking rope" sure rates better than 'bring it on'