Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Throw these people in jail.

* amblog:
"Throw these people in jail.

Now the Republicans are actually using Democrat Scott Kleeb's voice and calling people several times an hour in order to harass them, and tick them off against Kleeb. This has been happening across the country simultaneously. It's been happening in states where the Republican party hired a specific company that makes these kind of calls. This is a coordinated nationwide effort by the Republican party to suppress voting through fraud.

I want these people in jail. And if the laws aren't strong enough to catch them, then we strengthen the laws when we take over congress. No one should be allowed to defraud voters of their vote - not Democrats, not Republicans. Either party does this, you go to jail for a long time. It just happens that this election, all the fake calls are targeting Democrats."
* amy:
"California Stations forced to Play GOP Ad Via Emergency Alert System
In California, an ad for Republican Senate candidate Dick Mountjoy was forced on to the radio airwaves through the use of the Federal Emergency Alert System. Just after ten o'clock on Monday morning, KFBK, a conservative talk radio station in Sacramento, initiated the required monthly test of EAS. After the end of the standard test, the station also sent the political ad. Listeners to the community radio station KDVS heard the message Monday morning on its airwaves. KFBK reportedly claimed the ad was sent out by mistake."
* amy:
Iraq Announced Hussein Sentencing Before Verdict Was Complete
More questions are being raised over the timing of Saddam Hussein's sentencing just two days before the U.S. mid-term election. NBC News is reporting the U.S.-funded Iraqi High Tribunal went ahead with the sentencing even though the verdict was not yet completed. On Sunday the presiding judge did not read the actual verdict and reporters still have not received copies.
* froomkin:
"One of Rove's many influences on the Bush White House has been the almost complete eradication of the distinction between campaigning and governing."


noise said...

Here's a question you won't see asked on network news:

If the Repubs are so heroic, so competent, so patriotic, so deserving of power...why are FAIR elections so threatening to them?

Why the need for machines with questionable software and no paper trails, why do they scrub voter rolls, why do they harass voters with phone calls and made up threats (if you show up to vote you will go to jail)?

The answer is simple. Repubs cannot win fair elections. The GOP is an elitist party that has nothing but contempt for the public.

Kathleen said...

Whichever clever little Dem consultant who came up with that nonsense about Repugs knowing how to campaign, but not govern, should be choked. They don't know how to do antyhing but cheat, lie, steal and brag and subvert the Constitution. Traitors!!!!

lukery said...

may they line up in the dock!

i can't wait to see them disappear. forever.