Monday, November 27, 2006

Trent Lott is a GOP Jukebox

* driftglass:
"Trent Lott is a GOP Jukebox: drop in a nickel and he’ll spit out bumper sticker slogans and sentence fragments, one after another, all day long. They don’t make any sense, and they don’t form any coherent sentences. They are just market-tested nonsense syllables that Lott firehoses out in every direction to keep Ugly Reality at bay.

* driftglass:
Fox exists to perform the ritual sliming of every Democrats and the ritual fellating of every Republicans. It is Ku Klux Kabuki by the GOPs pet teabagging “reporters” on behalf of their disgraced Party of thieves and degenerates."

* Tas is playing games.

* AP:
"One in seven of CIA's current employees joined the agency in the past year, and nearly 40 percent of its employees began working at the agency after the Sept. 11 attacks - statistics at once helpful and troubling."

* drum:
"Bottom line: If you think Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer would make good foreign policy advisors, then McCain is your man. However, if you're not insane, that prospect will scare the hell out of you. As it should."

* brent wilkes: tbtf? perhaps not.

* newsweek:
"The neocons are reeling, but they're not dead yet. A few stalwarts are digging in their wing-tips. And there's already a small backlash against the backlash. At the State Department, supposedly the bastion of realism, some officials are sounding defiant. "There are a lot of people throughout the ranks who believe in the democracy agenda," says one senior official who would only discuss policy issues anonymously. "If the result of the Baker report is that we have to make any deal necessary ... to get out of Iraq, I don't think that's going to fly." Their hopes, and the hopes of neocons everywhere, may rest on the shoulders of Elliott Abrams, the number-two official at the National Security Council—who remains in charge of promoting democracy in the Middle East, a linchpin of the neocon agenda.
But Abrams has one powerful advantage. "Bush has enormous regard for him," says a senior administration official
The biggest dogfight is still ahead: whether to cut a deal with regimes like Iran, North Korea and Syria. Bush's approach has been to counter threats from oppressive regimes by trying to change them. Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and the punditocracy's best-known neocon, says it's hard to imagine the president turning his back on all that. "I think Bush is the last neocon in power," he says. "The truth is, it was always Bush.""


calipendence said...

Perhaps Wilkes is seeing that the courts are starting to move on the Hookergate/MZM cases. Here's a story on an MZM official getting probation on election day. It's probably just a matter of time before they start going up the ladder and nailing the big guys.

BTW, doesn't Mayor Jerry Sanders look like he was separated at birth from ? Hey they're both here in San Diego!

calipendence said...

My previous comment didn't put in properly my comment that Mayor Jerry Sanders looks like he was separated at birth from Brent Wilkes. Looks like it didn't come out that way...

rimone said...

'tas is playing games?'

LOL, the phoney poseur tosser.

tas said...

I hate to say that I've been waiting for Rimone to toss a snide comment about me around these parts, but I guess I really am a narcissist...

rimone said...

'did someone say something?' *in a Tony Soprano voice*

«—U®Anu§—» said...

After six drudgerous years of Dumb Ass & Co., I figured America needs a new flag, and wanted to be on the ground floor of this excellent opportunity. Specifically, I want to replace the blue field of white stars with something more appropriate, either a swastika or the star-hammer-sickle. After seeing Tas's art, I must say the star-hammer-sickle is winning. I can't wait to manufacture my new flag and hoist it here in Red Square. These damn things are gonna sell like hotcakes.

rimone said...

i dig the flag in V for Vendetta, w/the union jack and stars and stripes and the big black swastika in the middle. just sayin', lol.