Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Usual Suspects Pt 3: Dr. Stephen Bryen

* Pen has published part 3 of The Usual Suspects:
"The Usual Suspects Pt 3: Dr. Stephen Bryen

Unlike the previous two Suspects, Richard Perle and Michael Ledeen, the average American has probably never heard of Stephen Bryen. If they had, the average American would be scared shitless.

Bryen was executive director of JINSA after Michael Ledeen stepped down. In 1981 he handed over the directorship to his wife and became a consultant for Richard Perle. After Perle became Assistant Secretary of Defense, he named Bryen as deputy assistant secretary of defense in charge of regulating the transfer of US military technology to foreign countries.

Bryen, like Ledeen and Perle, was thought to be a spy for Israel.
In April 2001, at the urging of Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, Bryen was appointed a member of the China Commission by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. In August 2004, his appointment was extended through December of 2005.

One former senior FBI counter-intelligence officials reaction to his appointment was:
My God, that must mean he has a ‘Q‘ clearance!
A Q clearance is required to gain access to nuclear technology."
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