Sunday, November 12, 2006

Waxman is savvy and will run investigations with focus and flair

* digby:
"Waxman is savvy and will run investigations with focus and flair. He's very, very good at these things. I think he will find a way to do this without appearing to be exacting revenge or wasting the congress's time. And the fact is that it's his duty to do it, regardless. Just look at the list of events about which we are all still reading tea leaves and waiting for Bob Woodward's book to come out to tell us what the Washington whispers are saying. We need a sober, serious official look at what the hell's been going on in Washington these last six years and Waxman's the guy who can do it."
* IOZ:
"Realism is imperialism for a reason. Money. Resources. Influence. Democrats enjoyed a fine honeymoon when they could rail against the utopian dreams of PNAC neocons and bullshit claims about nuclear weapons. Neither ever had anything to do with anything, anymore than Kate Moss has something to do with whether or not your fat ass will fit into those skinny jeans. "
* digby:
"And bravo to the 13% of evangelicals who know that unjust war and torture are more heinous in the godly scheme of things than infidelity. I assume these are the folks who are voting for Democrats because they share their values of of social justice and the common good. Too bad there aren't more of them."

* Glenn:
"This election constitutes a rather resounding rejection of the mindless militarism, hysterical fear-mongering, un-American embrace of lawlessness, and adolescent hate-mongering which have fueled the Bush movement. These tactics have been the bread and butter of people like Dick Cheney, Bill Kristol, Marty Peretz, John Hinderarker, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Reynolds, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and the rest of those who have become intoxicated by neoconservative fantasies of Global, Endless, Glorious Epic War against an endless array of Enemies, real and imagined, foreign and domestic, out in the open and hiding under everyone's bed (or in the Democratic Party and at The New York Times).

There is a real opportunity to relegate that strain of Bush follower -- to quarantine them -- to the impotent fringes, where they belong. And ironically, they are seeking to isolate themselves, as they insist, with the belief-affirming self-delusion that has come to define everything they do, that the reason they lost the election is because they weren't extreme enough."

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