Monday, November 06, 2006

why hasnt brent wilkes been indicted yet?

* Mizgin posted an article at istanbul.indymedia on Ralston and Lockheed and they've blacked it out. (you can still read it if you just highlight the text.) You can read the full post at sf.indymedia

* I just wrote: "why hasnt brent wilkes been indicted yet?" - and then i thought i'd check to see if he's in the news at all. lo: NYT, today:
"Mr. Foggo introduced Mr. Wenzel to Mr. Wilkes, according to former associates. In early 2004, Mr. Wenzel hired Mr. Wilkes’s lobbying firm, Group W Advisors, on a three-month contract. Group W had agreed to help Mr. Wenzel expand his business using its network of contacts in Congress and at federal agencies. A lobbying disclosure report in August 2004 showed that Group W received less than $10,000 from Global.

Group W was managed by Joel Combs, a nephew of Mr. Wilkes. Mr. Combs was also head of Archer Logistics, which designed software and supply networks to help manage the C.I.A.’s logistical operations. The Archer contract is worth several million dollars, according to former associates of Mr. Combs. Because of Mr. Combs’s role at Archer, F.B.I. investigators have questioned whether Mr. Wilkes had ties to the company, even though he has denied that he had any financial interest in it, friends said.

The Archer contract first brought Mr. Wilkes’s relationship with Mr. Foggo under scrutiny. Investigators are examining whether Archer obtained the contract with help from Mr. Foggo in exchange for gifts or other favors from Mr. Wilkes.
Mr. Foggo announced his resignation from the C.I.A. on May 8. During his tenure in Frankfurt, he met Representative Porter J. Goss, a Florida Republican who became C.I.A. director in 2004 and elevated Mr. Foggo from relative obscurity to the agency’s chief operating officer, the No. 3 job at the agency. On May 12, federal agents carried out search warrants at Mr. Foggo’s home and office at the agency’s headquarters in McLean, Va."
If you read the article you get the sense that David Johnston is *itching* to say that there's something coming down the pike.

many thought that Wilkes was TBTF. let's hope Johnston knows something - fwiw, the URL for the story is - not WILKES.