Saturday, December 30, 2006

But what are 182,000 dead Kurds anyway?

mizgin has a story:
Yeah, (Iraq's) educational system was great. Some friends of mine in Dihok were treated to a short field trip one time, courtesy of the Ba'athi government. Ba'athi soldiers herded them out of the classroom and on to the playground. Then they herded the teachers of my friends on to the playground. The Ba'athi forced my friends to watch as they executed their teachers one by one. End of field trip. Ice cream anyone?

Of course, Turkey does shit like this all the time and the Americans don't say anything about it either. I guess that's because the Americans helped train the Turks to do it. It's called "psyops."

What is more interesting about the sudden rush to execute is the fact that the Anfal trial is not finished. But what are 182,000 dead Kurds anyway?

Last week, the trial was stopped, all microphones turned off, and there was a quiet discussion during the Anfal trial. Apparently, the secrecy was necessary to protect Iraqi-Turkish relations. Looks like Turkey was involved in Anfal. No big surprise, but obviously, the rush to get rid of Saddam will effectively end the Anfal trial, and any messy evidence that would implicate Turkey in yet more genocide. There's probably evidence to implicate the US in the same genocide. Remember that photo of Rumsfeld and Saddam?

By getting rid of Saddam now, the Americans can continue with their lie that Iran did Anfal, without the bother of all those pesky eyewitness survivors of the campaign presenting their testimony officially.

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