Friday, December 08, 2006

I don't recall, seriously, that he asked any questions.

* mcclatchy:
"In a speech on the Senate floor, Specter said he was reintroducing the issue to prevent federal courts from striking down the (MCA/Habeas) legislation, which some of the detainees' attorneys have challenged.

But some lawmakers privately speculated that Specter may have decided to reintroduce the legislation after a recent article in the New Yorker magazine suggested that his desire to retain his powerful committee chairmanship led him to go along with the administration's wishes.

Specter on Tuesday repeated his contention that the act violates the Constitution."

* Parry:
"Ironically, Bush got his free pass on Gates because the Democrats were desperate for the removal of Defense Secretary Donald Rumfeld, but the surprising switch to Gates on Nov. 8 coincided with Rumsfeld finally calling for a “major adjustment” in Iraq War strategy.
What’s less clear is whether Rumsfeld’s “going wobbly” on the Iraq War influenced Bush’s decision to remove him. Bush had publicly declared his intention of keeping Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, but Bush suddenly reversed course and approached Gates while Rumsfeld was preparing his memo"
* froomkin:
"Some (ISG) commissioners saw cause for hope in Bush's demeanor during their morning meeting.

"'I don't want to put too much in his mouth now,' said Lawrence S. Eagleburger, who was secretary of state under Mr. Bush's father, 'but there was not one bit of argument. He didn't come back at us on anything.'"

But I would have been shocked if Bush had started arguing with the group. With the exception of the presidential debates, I've never heard of Bush actually engaging people who disagree with him. His preferred method of communication is speaking alone and unchallenged, before friendly or cowed audiences.

I found another Eagleburger quote, this one related by Dana Milbank in The Washington Post, to be more telling.

Writes Milbank: "Eagleburger said after the event that when the group met with Bush, 'I don't recall, seriously, that he asked any questions.'""

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noise said...

I would guess that the 9 months of study made them (members of the ISG) infinitely more knowledgeable about Iraq than Bush. Thus, disinterested and intimidated...Bush went bike riding.