Saturday, December 02, 2006

is Bush the only one who really gets it?

* the other day, i paraphrased a reported on anderson cooper:
"Is Bush really in a state of denial, or is he the only person who understands the situation?"
Jen apparently loved it. Here's the actual transcript - from a segment, complete with "State of Denial" graphics:
"JOHN ROBERTS, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Anderson, President Bush has long been a student of stay the course in Iraq but now there are growing calls from all sides for some kind of major change. Is the president out of touch on Iraq or is he the only one who really gets it? We'll take a look at both sides of the argument, coming up. Anderson?"
hysterical. i'll email Amato and try to get the clip posted. Let me also note the false equivalence of the 'discussion' - 'both sides of the argument' apparently means 'Bush hanging out there all alone' vs ' everyone else'

* snortin horton coins a new(?) acronym, SMP, confusing people in the process. Rimone wondered if it was "start masturbating properly"
(update: link fixed)
consider this the 'kickin back with lukery' thread for the weekend


lukery said...

btw - 3 of you have had great news in the last week or two.

oldschool, of course, and a couple of others. i'm very happy for you all - and i love sharing in your 'wins' - thnx - and well done.

rimone said...

ooh, thank you in public, sweet boy.

Scott says SMP is 'smoke more pot.' i don't already, lol.

um...i wonder what the 'snortin' thing is referring to in Snortin' Horton (just askin').

Scott Horton said...

that was on the bottom of my Monty Nolder skateboard whaen I was a kid. Man, that was a good board...

rimone said...

Scott, dude, i envy you. skate-boarding made it over to NYC ages ago when i was in my 20s. i was too busy w/other stuff to learn and now i wish i did.