Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Joe Wilson: who benefits from the utter collapse of Iraq?

* joe wilson was over at FDL today talking about Iraq. among other things, he said:
"There are no doubt efforts to provoke even greater violence. Ask who benefits from the utter collapse of Iraq as a nation state and work back from there."
As to chaos in Iraq, part of the reason for engaging others is to ascertaion whehter there really is widespread neighborhood support for instability on their borders. Most responsible nations care about security on their borders.
At which point it has become mandatory for me to requote this from Larisa's interview with Joe WIlson from July 05
Raw Story: And now we see that Iraq and Iran have just signed a military treaty. Is that what we wanted?

Wilson: Iran is the big winner in this.

Raw Story: Is the goal a fundamentalist military conglomerate? Is that what we wanted?

Wilson: Sitting right on the border of the Kuwait and eastern Saudi oil fields...

Raw Story: Right, if that is what we wanted…

Wilson: Then we have achieved it.

Back to Joe at FDL:
I think the Saudis will eventually have to support their Sunni cousins, just as the Turks will be tempted to support the Turkomen against the Kurds and the Iranians the shia. etc. etc. That is why it makes sense to sort this out politically if possible.

Russert had Wayne Downing on last week. Wayne is a war profiteer. He should every time be asked about his ties to the INC and about every contract he had related to post war Iraq. So should Woolsey and every other beltway bandit.


Track said...

So what do you think Lukery?

Wasn't the whole point of the cynical Reagan scheme in the 80's to ENSURE that neither side gained the upper hand? Then in the 90's Bush I stopped the war in part because a stable Iraq was an important consideration.

So in '03 Bush II decides to invade and occupy and does it in a way that ensures Iran gains the upper hand in a big way.

I'm confused. Though I am pretty sure that such a result was not a surprise to everyone. In fact, I'm sure several simulations were run that predicted exactly what is now happening.

lukery said...

Noise - i really don't know what Wilson was trying to say in that interview with LA - although i'm obviously fascinated by it - and he seems to have been talking along similar lines today.

it appears (but isnt a forgone conclusion) that he was saying that the *goal* was a fascist dictatorship in iran. if that's the case, then i presume that the goal is becuase it's easier to control (own) drug production, supply, distribution etc (although wilson points to oil as well.)

when yuo add in the feith/perle/chalabi triumverate, and the fact/possibility that chalabi was/is a known (?) iranian spy, then it gets pretty messy (or more clear?). and then you toss in the fact that Feith&Perle wrote 'A Clean Break' (the goal of which was iraq as it is today) - and you throw in the fact that, per sibel, Feith&Perle are major players in Turkey, which provides 90% of heroin, and that Iran is a major 'Golden Triangle' player...

it's either quite murky, or quite clear... i'm not sure which.

Anonymous said...

But here's what I don't get, say Feith and Perle and their factions get their vaunted narco conglomerate and get rich beyond their wildest dreams. Do they honestly think that they can control the fascist dictatorships in this new Shia state wrt oil production? I mean, once those bozos realize that they've got America by the short ones on resources, they'll wreak havoc on oil prices, drugs be damned. Or is the goal of this conglomerate a hostile takeover of America anyway, making it hostage to the wishes of a shadow threat if it wants to preserve its standard of life. Come to think of it, that sounds an awful lot like the current War on Terror right now.