Thursday, December 21, 2006

* kathleen:
"Boy, I never thought I'd disagree with John Dean, but what kind of cockamamy message would it send to voters if we went after the small fry but let the big guys get away with murder?

Impeaching Dopey and Darth is not at all doing what they did to Clinton, not in the least. NeoNutzis impeached Clinton because they wanted to prevent him from accomplishing anything and to hobble the Democratic party, not because he had committed any impeachable offense. It was payback for Nixon, who did commit an impeachable offense.

Dopey and Darth should be impeached if voters are expected to respect the rule of law. Americans are not tired of impeachment. They were tired of Newt the Brewt and his bogus bullshit.

We are smart enough to tell the difference despite what so called pundits "think". To not impeach Dopey and Darth would be as bad a move for political reasons as impeaching Clinton was. Besides, for Dems to put aside their duty to impeach, in the hopes that they can get something accomplished is delusional. Dopey will veto whatever Dems want, but it will be too late to indict the bastard then. Reagan/Bush should have been impeached for Iran-Contra but weren't, so they lived to rear their ugly heads again."
anyone disagree?

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