Sunday, December 17, 2006

Neocons: "We miss the peace and quiet"

* an interview with Meyrav Wurmser, via scott:
"At their prime, the neocons held the reigns of American decision making. In the Pentagon, there were Deputy Defense Minister Paul Wolfowitz, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith, and Harold Rhode, a senior Pentagon advisor on Islam.

In the vice president’s office were Louis Libby and John Hannah. Richard Perle headed the committee advising to the Pentagon. In the White House were Deputy National Security Adviser for Global Democracy Strategy Elliott Abrams and Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton, who later became the US ambassador to the UN.

According to Wurmser’s description, the group is comprised of academics, most of them lacking operational experience, who became part of the Bush administration but failed to get their ideas through bureaucracy.

“These are intellectuals who came with great ideas, in which I still believe, but did not find a way to promote their beliefs in the complexities of bureaucracy,” she says.

Your people held senior positions in the Pentagon. Didn’t Deputy Defense Minister Paul Wolfowitz and Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith implement your theories?

“The final decisions were no in their hands. In the Pentagon, the decisions were in the hands of the military, and the political leadership had a lot of clashes with the military leadership.”

Did the military leadership ask for more soldiers in Iraq?

“Rumsfeld prevented that. He was a failure. The State Department opposed the neocons’ stances. Also John Bolton, who is also part of the family, and was no. 4 at the State Department under Colin Powell, was incapable of passing decisions…

“Powell curbed our ideas and they did not pass. There was a lot of frustration over the years in the administration because we didn’t feel we were succeeding.

“Now Bolton left (the UN) and there are others who are about to leave. This administration is in its twilight days. Everyone is now looking for work, looking to make money… We all feel beaten after the past five years… We miss the peace and quiet and writing books…

“When you enter the administration you have to keep your mouth shut. Now many will resume their writing… Now, from the outside, they will be able to convey all the criticism they kept inside.”

In the meantime you left the US inside Iraq?

“We did not bring the US into Iraq in such a way. Our biggest war which we lost was the idea that before entering Iraq we must train an exile Iraqi government and an Iraqi military force, and hand over the rule to them immediately after the occupation and leave Iraq. That was our idea and it was not accepted.”

Your man was Ahmed Chalabi, who was later suspected of spying for Iran?

“That is true, but we didn’t want him as a dictator but as a person in a government that will act democratically… We must help the current democratic government. The borders with Iran and Syria should have been blocked immediately when we entered Iraq. Now it’s already a disaster.”

Why didn’t you attack Syria?

Many of Wurmser’s friends believe the disaster is not only in Iraq, but in the entire region. They are also very frustrated over the way in which Israel embarked on the war against Hizbullah this summer, and on the way it returned from it.

“Hizbullah defeated Israel in the war. This is the first war Israel lost,” Dr. Wurmser declares.

Is this a popular stance in the administration, that Israel lost the war?

“Yes, there is no doubt. It’s not something one can argue about it. There is a lot of anger at Israel.”

What caused the anger?

“I know this will annoy many of your readers… But the anger is over the fact that Israel did not fight against the Syrians. Instead of Israel fighting against Hizbullah, many parts of the American administration believe that Israel should have fought against the real enemy, which is Syria and not Hizbullah.”

Did the administration expect Israel to attack Syria?

“They hoped Israel would do it. You cannot come to another country and order it to launch a war, but there was hope, and more than hope, that Israel would do the right thing. It would have served both the American and Israeli interests.

“The neocons are responsible for the fact that Israel got a lot of time and space… They believed that Israel should be allowed to win. A great part of it was the thought that Israel should fight against the real enemy, the one backing Hizbullah. It was obvious that it is impossible to fight directly against Iran, but the thought was that its strategic and important ally should be hit.”

“It is difficult for Iran to export its Shiite revolution without joining Syria, which is the last nationalistic Arab country. If Israel had hit Syria, it would have been such a harsh blow for Iran, that it would have weakened it and changes the strategic map in the Middle East.

“The final outcome is that Israel did not do it. It fought the wrong war and lost. Instead of a strategic war that would serve Israel’s objectives, as well as the US objectives in Iraq. If Syria had been defeated, the rebellion in Iraq would have ended.”

Wurmser says that what most frustrates her is hearing people close to decision makers in Israel asking her if the US would have let Israel attack Syria.

“No one would have stopped you. It was an American interest. They would have applauded you. Think why you received so much time and space to operate. Rice was in the region and Israel embarrassed her with Qana, and still Israel got more time. Why aren’t they reading the map correctly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem?”"
scott: "Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria... wow."

me: pick your favourite comment:
1. "We miss the peace and quiet"
2. "Powell curbed our ideas and they did not pass"
3. Yes, our man Chalabi was a spy for Iran, "but we didn’t want him as a dictator..."
4. ?


oldschool said...

4. "These are intellectuals who came with great ideas..."

4(a) We are all dangerously insane, war-mongering, women-and-kid-killing, chicken-fucking, never-spent-a-day-in combat, criminals and lunatics.

Ummm, I may have paraphrased 4(a).

My bad.

lukery said...

they kill men, too. don't we count?

oldschool said...

they kill men, too. don't we count?

well, not when I'm in the midst of a semi-incoherent rant, I guess.

lukery said...

hmmm - time to get rid of the 'semi'

get totally incoherent, now!

Kathleen said...

We miss the peace and quiet???? You are not alone on missing the peace. We can fix that for you with some permanent quiet.

Speaking of quiet, LeeB is without power, heat, etc. from the storm. She has a fireplace, and wood and some munchies for the time being. I guess she's doing little house on the praire for a few.

LeeB said...

Power's back on, thank goodness. The damage around here is astonishing. Some are calling it the worst storm to hit the Puget Sound area in mebbe 200 years.

Now I have to catch up with the world. Li'l ol' transister radio just gave up li'l teensy news updates, so I'm waaaaay behind.

I would just like to note that there is such a thing as too MUCH quiet . . .

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welcome back sweetheart. glad to hear you are ok.

LeeB said...

Thank you, Luke! I'm pleased to report I thawed out with no ill effects. Now we've moved into freezing temperatures down in the 20s F. (predicted) and possibly snow. Ugh. I'm sending you some pics via the email thingy.

One woman - a 41-yr-old actress who recorded audio books - drowned in her basement in a totally freak 'flash flood' in the Madison Valley area of Seattle. Unbelievable. It just goes to show you that when you're number's up, it's UP.

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Jeez! Preview does no good if you don't pay attention . . . "you're number's up???!!"

No! YOUR number's up . . . fer cryin' out loud . . . |-(