Thursday, December 07, 2006

Not technically, no

* usatoday via miguel:
"Here are some of the exchanges from depositions that were included in NBC's report:
• Dale Watson was a top counterterrorism official before and after 9/11.
Lawyer: Do you know who Osama bin Laden's spiritual leader was?
Watson: Can't recall.
Lawyer: And do you know the differences in the religion between Shiite and Sunni Muslims?
Watson: Not technically, no."
it gets worse

* happy birthday to larisa and the other WiiG4 birthday-er today (they may or may not out themselves in the comments)

* this via LeeB:


Miguel said...

Heh, heh, it's my birthday, I'm the one. I wish I could say the years have been as kind on me as they have been on Larisa, but hey, at least my wife thinks I still look young.

LeeB said...

Happy birthday to you, too, Miguel!

lukery said...

happy birthday mate.

rimone said...

happy biffday miguel (late as usual, me). :-)