Thursday, December 28, 2006

open dread

* rimone got tagged by one o' them meme thingies.
"What are the seven best things you did this past year?”
rimone tagged me - but if i tried to respond substantially i'd just prove once and for all how sad my life really is - so i'll refrain from joining in - but consider this an open thread. anything good happen this year? can you name one thing? seven things?

take it way.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Wot Is It Good 4 is a good thing that happened to me. Another is Robert Parry. Take yesterday's article, for instance, about Rev. Sun Moon's crime money funding the GOP-conservative propaganda machine. Some family values--accepting blood money to promote a message of death and world economic exploitation. Only republicans do this.

rimone said...

i'm SO ashamed---i am, actually. but this was a chance to slip the Eli Lilly freedom thing in, so to speak. as well as do my usual embiggening of my extremely fragile ego.

and yes, this site was one of the things that kept me going for just about a year now. but i was trying to keep on-topic w/best things i did. whatever.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't include this waiver on your Xmas invitations make sure you do so for your New Years Eve party:

WARNING: You are herein invited to attend a Holiday Party. Should you choose to attend this event, you are herein advised that you do so at your own peril. Food served may be manufactured in factories that may contain machinery that may have touched peanuts. In the absence of any coherent party-based sexual-harassment policy, you are warned that any hugging/touching/casual flirting/wine-stem fondling/hair tossing/breast gazing/butt grabbing will be deemed actionable at law. All guests must maintain a 5-foot distance from all others at all times (spouses included). Appropriate topics for conversation are: work; sports; light political banter; reality-television shows. Any unapproved conversational topics shall be cleared in advance by the Human Resources department. All dance moves shall be preapproved by the HR department. Seminars on these moves shall be conducted twice daily in the small conference room on the second floor between now and the day of the party. All closets, conference rooms, restrooms, and other possible areas of sexual misconduct are to be padlocked for the duration of the event. Small children are to be chaperoned at all times. Any child found playing or otherwise conducting himself in a childlike manner will be summarily removed from the premises. Should you or your partner feel at any point during the party that you have been sexually harassed, socially discomfited, religiously proselytized, or otherwise made to feel uneasy in any way, a team of HR lawyers will be made available to you immediately. Do not minimize your feelings or wait a few days to see if the bad feeling blows over. Prompt attention to any social discomfort is critical to eradicating it in the workplace. Once again, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season, and hope to make this year's office party the best ever.

rimone said...

what's an 'office' again? and a 'workplace'?

rimone said...

and luke, especially you know how sad my life really is. keyboardin' 24/7 w/the occasional diversion and trip to London and THAT'S IT.

pathetic, really. but you're not alone.

lukery said...

rimone - yours SOUNDS a whole lot interesting than mine :-)

rimone said...

only lately, dude. the shit's about to end when new year's eve's over, long story not fit for here.

lukery said...

dont be so pessimistic. you can be a happily-functioning-adult next month too, ya know.

Kathleen said...

I think we all here got obsessed with blogging ever since the 2000 coup de court. I used to have a life, but I've been so preoccuoied with the war and getting rid of Dopey and Darth, I can't really think about anything else.

Finding WotIsItGood4 has made it actually a bit of fun to be so obsessed. Finding Luke is my favorite thing that happened this year and knowing I'm not alone in this struggle.

Thanxxxx, guys.

LeeB said...

AMEN, AMEN!! Obsessed is exactly the word.

. . . and as I said before - 'round about the time we got the map up - now it is clear that there is always somebody, in SOME time zone, keeping an eye on the bastards so we can get some sleep!!

Joules *Dances with Haddock* Taylor said...

Delurking for a moment... hmmm... let's see... This is more the best things that happened, rather than the best things we personally did - is that OK?

1) Our 11 year old son got into John Cabot CTC (one of the best secondary schools in the South West, science and tech based, 157 places and 856 kids applied this time. We proud? Oh yes!) and is doing very well and making like-minded friends at last.

2) After us struggling through two hellish year-long courses of Interferon injections and ribavirin tabs, my husband's last Hep C blood test in Nov came back showing that, although he's not clear, the virus hasn't increased in the last year.

3) Our endowment company did better this year. If they continue to do as well, we might not have to pay half the house's original cost as the shortfall at the end of the mortgage term in 10 years' time.

4) Our work this year (we're both freelance) has been steady and fairly constant, which has made life and finances a lot easier.

5) I started supplementing our bought food with organic-home-grown veg and fruit, and it was successful enough that I'm going to do more of it next year.

6) I have learned a lot this year, in all sorts of fields, and feel much more confident of my ability to cope in most of the circumstances life's throwing at me.

7) Democrats winning.

Nothing earth-shattering or planet-changing (except, hopefully, that last), but they've meant a lot to us. Small-scale real life, of sod all importance in the greater scheme of things, but we're ending the year feeling happy and positive, and I think that's worth celebrating!

LeeB said...

Good for you, Joules!

lukery said...

good on you Joules - great to hear that things are feeling positive for yuo. may you carry that sentiment through till dec31 2007 (for starters)

(and thnx for delurking)

lukery said...

Kathleen - i used to have a life too. I'm glad we all make our obsessions a little better (or worse???)

rimone said...

lukery: dont be so pessimistic. you can be a happily-functioning-adult next month too, ya know.

i keep asking you what's this shit about 'functioning' about?

congratulations, Joules. and what LeeB and Kathleen said.

happy new year, everyone.

ps, i just might go back into political mode after new year's and try to refind my 'edge' or whatever. just sayin'.