Monday, December 04, 2006

a Persistent Vegetative Pundit

* nick kristoff via althouse:
"[There is] an increasingly assertive, often obnoxious atheist offensive led in part by [Richard] Dawkins — the Oxford scientist who is author of the new best seller “The God Delusion.” It’s a militant, in-your-face brand of atheism that he and others are proselytizing for....

[T]he tone of this Charge of the Atheist Brigade is ... contemptuous and even ... a bit fundamentalist.
Now that the Christian Right has largely retreated from the culture wars, let’s hope that the Atheist Left doesn’t revive them. We’ve suffered enough from religious intolerance that the last thing the world needs is irreligious intolerance."


driftglass adds (in part):
So donning his deerstalker cap, La Dim Nikita has tirelessly scoured the foggy moors and mires of the American polity and exposed the real spanner in the gears of our civic discourse.

Turns out it's the fucking atheists!

Not sure from his column if it's all eleven of them that are the problem, or some subset, but thank Providence and the gods of deductive reasoning that Nick has a soapbox as enormous as the New York Times from which he can sound this Very Important Alarm!


Also I’m sorry, but I must’ve been on one hella fucking bender the weekend “the Christian Right…largely retreated from the culture wars”.

So remind me, Special K. When exactly did that happen?

To be sure, on November 7th, the Right certainly got their collective noses bloodied and asses sawed off and served to them on the good china.

This happened when a majority of the voting public finally showed its contempt for a clique that had literally done nothing with its One Party Rule but endlessly hector everyone else on morality, while happily giving aid, shelter and comfort to a menagerie of Pious, Jebus-luvin’ liars, traitors, briber takers, bribe makers, war profiteers, war criminals, looters, child sex predators and, just for goofs, gay-hooker-frequenting, meth smoking preachers…so long as they puked up the correct slogans or voted the right way.

Sure, that happened, but since when has simply being massively wrong about every single thing impeded the neutronium-clad belief in his own, invincible Rightness of single Conservative Evangelical troll?

Seriously, who but a Persistent Vegetative Pundit actually believes that the Terri-Schiavo-Died-For-Your-Sins Right has suddenly up and decided to fold its revival tents, deep-six its demands that the Ten Commandments be incised onto every flat surface in the Universe, eschew its Long March of Justice Sundays, embrace tolerance, Darwin a pair of opposable thumbs, clamber down out of the Stoopid Tree and walk upright like men?

These people don’t retire and reform -- They rearm and regroup.


LeeB said...

. . . then some of them come spray WIIG4 willy-nilly with a tommy gun. I told you we didn't have any time to take a breather.

rimone said...

yup, what LeeB ahd driftglass said. but i /am/ taking a breather, my mental and emotional health come first.

noise said...

A documentary on the retreat. :) (1)

lukery said...

Noise - have yuo seen the movie?

our good friend Rev Haggard apparently makes an appearance...

noise said...

Haven't seen it.