Monday, December 11, 2006

Richard Barlow

The Beeb (Panorama) showed a documentary on AQ Khan here on the weekend. It was shown in the UK a month or so ago. You can watch it here (one hour).

Richard Barlow gets some good airtime.

Any questions for Barlow? I'm going to interview him soon.

If you want to learn more about Barlow in advance, his name came up a lot in my interview with KTM director Mathiew Verboud. Verboud draws a lot of parallels with Barlow, Plame and Sibel

See part 4, part 5 & part 7

also see Sy Hersh and Ken @ MoJo.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Panorama documentary. They tried to tell the same as the
dutch Zembla documentary of one year ago. The BBC misses the finesses,
like the position of Henk Slebos:

"Khan and Henk Slebos met more than forty years ago when they both studied metallurgy at Delft Technical University, they became friends and stayed in contact ever since. "

“I don’t recognise the hegemony of the Western world,” Zembla quoted Slebos saying. “Pakistan needed an atom bomb for stability. If you then say the country is too stupid to have the bomb, then you really make me angry.”

Hmm. Check how statements like that are quickly poo-poo'ed in BBC's Panorama,
and compare that to this recent statement by Robert Gates, incoming SecDef in

“They [the Iranians] are surrounded by powers with nuclear weapons—Pakistan to their east, the Russians to the north, the Israelis to the west and us [the United States] in the Persian Gulf,” (Senate Committee confirmation hearing).

The BBC is wearing blinders, methinks.

lukery said...

thnx anon

Miguel said...

I'll come up with some questions for Barlow. How long before you are going to interview him?

lukery said...