Friday, December 01, 2006

Robert Gates: Baker's man or Cheney's man?

* with all the talk of Preznit Blinky 'snubbing' Baker/ISG becuase he's 'staying, of course' in Iraq, (see Froomkin for a rundown) let's not forget all the talk about Baker et al installing Bob Gates as the '41 realists' saving the day. Larisa seems to have been closest to the money:
"Intelligence sources question Gates' independence from Cheney, Rumsfeld
Baker's man or Cheney's man?
But the Baker vs. Cheney argument does not stand up to scrutiny. Simply put, when Gates served in the administration of President George H.W. Bush, he had far more in common with Cheney than he did with other members of that administration, including those currently involved in attempts to intervene in Iraq policy.
One current intelligence contract employee, a former intelligence official who worked with Gates, indicated to RAW STORY that he believes there is much more commonality than discord between Cheney and Gates. The many connections and parallels between the two men over the years suggest that, contrary to current folklore, Cheney may in fact have been involved in the choosing of Gates, in an effort to rein in Pentagon near-mutiny.
Nice work, Larisa.

* wapo:
"Bush has a track record of changing policies on a dime..."

* for those of you who enjoy the religious/religion discussion, LeeB and Steven have more in the comments here. I don't have much to add - but it's an interesting conversation.


Kathleen said...

Baker's man or Cheney's man? Arent't they all Carlyle groupies?

LeeB said...

HA! Groupies or wholly owned whatevers . . .

Random thought I've been looking for a spot to drop off and this is as good as any . . . it appears that Clear Channel is being sold and as part of the deal, the new buyer has put some 400+ local radio stations (of the total 1,400 +/- stations) on the market. That sounds good at first glance, because anything that breaks up a monopolizing corporation is good in my opinion (as well as that of at least one member of the FCC). But back up: Since hearing this much, I heard another tidbit for which i have no corroborating links or other sources, but goes like this: The purchaser of Clear Channel is the Carlyle Group or 'someone with links to' the Carlyle Group.

Anybody but me suspicious about this?

lukery said...

thnx leeb - carlyle were one of the bidders - but they didnt buy CC

LeeB said...

Thanks, Luke. I wonder if that's where the 'links to' Carlyle came in, i.e., the successful bidder was mebbe acting on behalf of . . . ? or some such other secret crap. I'm so suspicious of everything those creeps do, I don't trust any of them anymore. Remember, war-mongering Carlyle recently bought Dunkin' Donuts, fer cryin' out loud! What are they planning to do, anyway, start supplying the Iraqi police departments? . . . or mebbe attack large populations via nutritional imbalances. Watch out! McDonald's may be next!! ;-)