Friday, December 15, 2006

shriller by the minute.

* aravosis is getting shriller by the minute.* aravosis is getting shriller by the minute.

* the ACLU is being subpoena'd - emptywheel First They Came After Journalists, Then They Came After the ACLU and The Pentagon Torture Papers . larisa Military Industrial Complex goes after TruthOut and ACLU.

* Maha:
"The Right has decided it’s indelicate to even mention the significant political consequences of losing Senator Johnson. In fact, posts about Senator Johnson on rightie blogs this morning are so consistently conciliatory about the Senator one wonders if they were all on the same conference call with someone from the RNC.

It is of course quite possible to be genuinely concerned about the Senator as a person and worried about the political consequences of his death or resignation at the same time. This is especially true for those of us who fear that if the Senate stays in Republican control our country will be significantly impaired. Here’s another New York Times story about something that won’t happen if the GOP stays in charge, for example. If it’s indelicate to be gravely concerned about the future of the United States of America, then I will be indelicate."
* nyt:
"OPEC said today that it planned to reduce its oil production by nearly 2 percent in February, the group’s second output cut in two months and its strongest signal yet that it aims to keep oil prices above $60 a barrel next year.

Representatives from OPEC nations agreed to pare their production to 25.8 million barrels a day, from 26.3 million barrels, starting on Feb. 1. The group had already agreed to cut its production by 4 percent in October to prop up prices.

“I hope the market appreciates we are working so diligently to bring supply and demand in balance, to have inventories at a reasonable level so that we do not have gyrations,” Ali Al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister, told reporters at the meeting, held in Abuja, Nigeria."
ummm - remember when i scoffed at clemons' idea about "$40 oil"? (and, separately, i wish i had the balls to say "I hope the market appreciates we are working so diligently to bring supply and demand in balance")


oldschool said...

aravosis is getting shriller by the minute.*

Yeah, looks good on him. (as it does on most people, at least those who start from a progressive, anti-war point of view)

I hadn't read or heard that ridiculous Condi quote before. Which tells me (I think) that CorporateMedia is, even if not calling her on the bullshit, at least not repeating and trumpeting it to the world?

I guess that's progress - but also a call I think (since the main media obviously isn't ready do it) for more people to be more shrill.

lukery said...

we call it 'shrillification' - we like :-)