Saturday, December 30, 2006

top ten space images of the year

via rimone, the top ten space images of the year. Rimone:
top 10 astronomy images of 2006 and they’re all fucking gorgeous. gah, i was sooo into this shit before stumbley mcBruisey forced me to focus on his fucking up my country. i could kill, actually, mostly cause i used to be an interesting, well-rounded and well-informed person especially as far as art, film and literature go.



fave comment:
A delightful Top Ten of beautiful and powerful images. I know the new year’s resolutions may be even grander.

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rimone said...

nah, i don't geddit. but i've been up since 5,30 and now i'm cleaning the flat and smoking my brains out, trying to knock myself out, back to sleep as well as tidy shit up for when Chris comes over later on (first time since he moved to London 3 months ago). tomorrow we take Hunter w/us, back to Chris's flat so we can see the Showband at the hugeass New Year's party.

and thanks for the link, dude. btw, i'm rethinking my priorities and i do think that tomorrow night's gig will be the last i go to in a long time. i wanna try to do my little bit to save the world again and i have a lot of reading to catch up on.

happy new year, y'all. *love*