Tuesday, December 12, 2006

with feeling and four-part harmony

* nossel:
"Figuring out how to prevent an Iraqi civilian bloodbath is tougher, particularly in a scenario of American withdrawal from the primary conflict zones. But for both moral and strategic reasons, the US needs to consider how to offer innocent Iraqis maximum possible protection given the continued mayhem that's to be expected whether or now we withdraw.
But the only thing worse than ethnic cleansing in Iraq would be ethnic cleansing with neither the US nor the international aid agencies trying to do anything about it.
No one seems to know for sure whether more Iraqis might hate us for leaving (and for the even worse conditions that may ensue) than hate us for staying, though it seems unlikely at this point. "

* oldschool:
"And fwiw, my summary of the ISG Report is as follows:
"Boy, is this fucked up. This Iraq thing is, um, really fucked up. So let's keep on doin' what we're doin' only this time with feeling and four-part harmony. Boy, is this thing fucked up. We're gonna make a quick list here of the ways in which this thing is, um, well, fucked up. We really gotta try harder. With feeling!. And if that doesn't work, even with extra feeling and four-part harmony, WHO CARES?! At that point, Mr. President, it'll be 2008, and your ass will be safely out of Dodge. We'll see to it."

Your Friend,

Jim Baker"


LeeB said...

Oldschool? Where are you?! It's Pro Hac Vice time!!

Go help Rosemary Jackowski !!! :-)

oldschool said...

okay, it's late, and I should have been in bed a long time ago.

I read the diary, and it is, unfortunately, wrong. What was overturned was a conviction - not a "Not Guilty". Thus, double jeopardy does not come into play. Overturned convictions get re-tried daily, as a matter or course - nothing unusual here.

I'm two weeks into a new law practice - still struggling like hell to pay the rent - or even the bus-fare to downtown - nobody pays legal fees at Christmas.... so far, everybody I've talked to wants to hire me, but "could you go ahead with the case and I promise I'll pay you later..." - it's a bit tough.

First I pay the rent - THEN I save the world.

She's gonna take a little fine and be sent home. Which is probably the exact outcome she desired all along....

How 'bout we keep our powder dry until I've got some travelin' bucks, and maybe a little better case...?

Nobody's gonna hurt her - and if I'm wrong - well I'll always be available for that - but I don't think so.

(jesus - was I just the voice of reason there? That felt strange.)

On the other hand - LeeB is just damn near irresistable - keep the passion please - I'm not goin' anywhere....

lukery said...

was I just the voice of reason there?
you always are, in your own way.

LeeB is just damn near irresistable
what is it with the GSF women?

oldschool - good luck in 2007. first the rent, then a little something for you...

LeeB said...

No problemo, Oldschool. I just figured it would make you feel good to be thought of as a Sir Galahad with white horse. I'm sure the lady will find the help she needs within the state of Vermont. I should have made ye olde happy face one with a wink . . . ;-)

I agree; FIRST, the rent!! And keep yer eyes peeled for those cases that bring a bit of press! They help the rainmaking.

Luke: What is it?? Well, we're not shy - that's one thing! LOL!!

lukery said...

leeb - that 'one thing' of many

rimone said...

good luck Oldschool xxxxxx

lukery: what is it with the GSF women?

apart from 'not shy' we're brilliantly intelligent, opinionated and fighting the good fight which, amongst the dudes i know, equals 'desirable as fuckall'. just sayin' what i've been told (even by Chris).

ps, ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! hahahahaha.

oldschool said...

Rimone said...

ps, ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! hahahaha

Ahem, yes - so now it's Rock Freebase, Delta Slide Guitar Master?

I thought we'd settled on a middle name for my next child/grandchild?

I suppose that, if properly hyphenated, I could make it work.

But it's been a while. Once again, how many lines are there on a birth certificate, on the part where it asks for a name?

Kathleen said...

oldschool, brest(that's a typo) wishes for a brilliant and rewarding career in law.

The Iraq discourse drives me clean up a wallllll. It is such unadulterated gobbledy-guck a kind of gibberish sausasge, no matter what you put in, it comes out political nonsense, with lumps of talking points here and there to make it look like there's some real meat in there.

Tragically, it's the lives and limbs of many human beings thrown into this receipe for carnage.

LeeB goes cookoo when I make a typo. It shatters her impression that I'm poerfect. heheheheh. For the record, I do indeed have feet of clay, two of them.

LeeB said...


LeeB goes 'cookoo' when she dons her editor's green eyeshade, fixes the typos in the draft version (of the press release), and then they reappear.



Other than that, she doesn't pay attention to other peeps' typos, 'cuz they are none of her 'business' . . . :-)

lukery said...

LeeB - oops - sorry about that.

Kax - fp'd

Rimone: 'equal'? you are too kind.

oldschool - that's a bit trippy/cool that you don't if the next baby in your family will be your grandchild or not.

rimone said...

oldschool: so now it's Rock Freebase, Delta Slide Guitar Master?

that's just his title, not his pimpy preacher A3 name. stick w/Rock Freebase --- it has a certain ring to it, lol.

lukery on 'equal': the entire band (plus most of its male fans) think all that's totally desirable in chicks, rather than perfect good looks. intelligence and grrl balls over the outside envelope. just sayin' :-)

lukery said...

omg - i dont think theres a gsf male who would even consider himself equal to you lot.

maybe i'm just speakin for myself

oldschool said...

LeeB said...

And keep your eyes peeled for those cases that bring a little bit of press!

fwiw, I've only had two cases where there were reporters waiting outside every time a given hearing or whatnot was concluded.

I went well out of my way, each and every time, to avoid those cameras. (wanna know where all the back doors and secret exits are in the City-County Bldg, Marion County, Indiana? I can show you).

There's rain-making, which is tempting, and then there's raising the profile of your case, which tends to make the other side work just that much harder against the (my) client. If there any aspiring trial-lawyers out there, my motto/advice is this : "Don't ever let 'em see you coming."

In my mind, it was never a difficult choice. Just get the heck out the door.

Plus, maybe I'm camera-shy. PLUS - I've definitely walked out the door smack into somebody else's interview - Jesus Christ!! those lights are bright - I don't know how anyone does it!

LeeB said...

All true, Oldschool. But, lemme tell you another story about timing, which of course is extremely important. Besides, it gives me a chance to brag. :-)

This was a class-action. The teeny-weeny small firm I was working for represented the plaintiffs. The issues were about unpaid overtime and affected several hundred current and former employees at a high-profile, very successful local retailer with several branch outlets and almost as many high-powered big-firm lawyers.

All was quiet on the publicity front until the day came to comply with the order of the court to publish the million-dollar mediated settlement so members of the class could learn of it, if they didn't know about it already, and file their claims.

At that point, since it had to 'go public' anyway by way of a paid advertisement, li'l old me piped up and asked if now it would be permissible to contact the local media to see about using the opportunity to get the story out in a way more obvious than simply relying on a spendy classified (or display) ad buried deep in the back pages of the newspaper.

"A-HA," sez the lead attorney, "I don't see why not!" . . . so I called a contact of mine, who's son happened to be well-placed to advance such an idea, and the next thing we knew (3 days later), the story was on the front page (news, not paid advertising), gave the names of the attorney and the firm, led to TV coverage over a five-state area, which increased the number of claims (and so the amount of the contingent fee). Plus, over the next few weeks, it added about four more cases of a similar nature.

So it isn't all about what is really unwanted bright lights at an inappropriate time, but more about watching for opportunities and being ready to jump on them. Heck, simply providing one's assistant with a business card can bring in clients -- how many times do people get asked about what they do and where they work when out in the world? (Those would be in addition to other low- or no-cost marketing strategies that smarter people than me can come up with!)

rimone said...

LeeB: you rock!

lukery: omg - i dont think theres a gsf male who would even consider himself equal to you lot.

there better be, or i will be PISSED.

ps, lol. (up at ass o'clock in the AM again here...my circadian rhythms or whatever are SHOT; it's like 06,27)

lukery said...

rimone - jeebus - i noticed you were up early.

re 'ass o'clock' - my friends call it "fuck-off! o'clock"

equal? I am not worthy. (sorry if you are pissed.)

LeeB said...

Thank you, Rimone! :-)

Rimone and Luke: "re 'ass o'clock' - my friends call it 'fuck-off! o'clock' " ROFLMAO!!

Who SEZ there's nothing new under the sun . . . :-D

rimone said...


lukery: equal? I am not worthy. (sorry if you are pissed.)

quit it w/this dissing shit--it's not becoming. and AFAIC you ARE worthy and you KNOW it. :-)

i'd go on but since you concentrate on politics, i won't lower the tone any more than i've already done. but i'd like to. *evil* lol xxxxxxxx

lukery said...

rimone - lol - there's no dissing.

i'd be honored to sup at your table

rimone said...

dude, are you being all metaphoric w/me or what? lol, i'd be honored if all the regular commenters here supped as well. GSF and all. :-)

ps, to oldschool: Rock's headed into the studio as we speak. w/the rest of the 3, i mean 10+ now. lol, *paws up panting w/anticipation here*