Saturday, January 27, 2007

the amazing rimone

* the amazing rimone is off to london. again. i can't understand a thing she sez these days when she's jabbering on about 'the band' - which is great, cos it means that she has more interests than i do. and yep, for 'alla youse' who email me, rimone is a chick - please stop referring to her as 'that rimone guy'

she's belligerent, foul mouthed and obstreperous - and we officially adore her. i can't wait to get a full report of her return back to the States when she promises to wear a "Designated Terrorist" teeshirt on the plane. (i'm not sure whether the report will be filed from NYC, Bristol, or Gitmo)


Have Skunk said...

Indeed. Rimone's da BOMB and we loves her muchly, though we have no idea how come. ;-)

LeeB said...

Rimone is the genuine article. Up front. No puttin' on airs. The real deal. Authentic. I believe she heads up the shock troops of the GSF.
No easy task, that. Yay, Rimone! :-)

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Rimone is also cat-friendly. I've been thinking about her this week as I tend my two kitties. They were bitten by another cat and had to go to the vet last Monday. He irrigated their wounds, which made them very unhappy and now they believe they are being punished by my keeping them indoors and giving them medicine, which they hate. They punished me by keeping me awake all last night. That move didn't help their cause. They will get their antibiotic drops twice a day until the stuff is gone, and stay inside the duration.

After that, there is a rogue cat in the neighborhood that will get paybacks from two very tough, dissatisfied customers.

oldschool said...

obstreperous - defined; Resisting contol or restraint in a difficult manner; unruly.

The female equivalent of "one tough son-of-a-bitch" (whatever that equivalent might be)

If you've never received personal e-mail from Rimone, you've missed something. A tiger, but with a heart of gold.

And yes, we officially adore her.

rimone said...

oh wow---you people are way too kind. would love to say more but am totally knackered and can't see straight (still).