Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cheney runs a slush fund for terrorists

* larisa takes the scalpel to liz cheney:
"So basically, Elizabeth Cheney runs a slush fund for terrorists, Islamic militants, and other such worthy characters in in order to create regime change for her daddy's vision of the Middle East.
What we don't have enough of, however, is Congressional will to remove all of you - collectively, including your cronies at Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, and whatever laundry facilities the lot of you use - and prosecute you for a plethora of crimes you have each and together engaged in. That would be something that we need more of. But what we have had enough of, more than enough of, is of you, dear Lizzie and your twisted family's vision of the world. We did not ask for nor do we want your opinion, but as a public official, you will damn well hear our opinion. Enjoy this one as I imagine many more will follow."

* jeralyn:
"761 New Arrests in Operation Return to Sender"
(this is the 'program' that picked up larisa's cousin.

* thinkprogress has the msnbc report on the trial

* ari leaked to david gregory and got immunity. anyone else?

* atrios got an early video copy of sotu (7mins). funny.

* winterpatriot notes that the dodgy crew at SITE may or may not have the latest AlQaeda video.

* simbaud (who apparently thinks he can say goodbye, and then quietly slip back into the habit 2 months later):
"Finding Common Ground : The fact that millions of gormless, slobbering psycho freaks hate Hillary Clinton is really, at the end of the day, no good reason why sane and thoughtful people shouldn't."

* simbaud:
"As Iraq spirals ever deeper into the sort of indescribably hellish chaos that only 21,500 American troops can reverse, we are struck by one bizarre notion that seems to enjoy an inexplicable currency among the pundit classes: that the invasion, originally justified as a response to a purported threat that almost immediately proved to be nothing more than a shabby canard, was in fact undertaken for other, recondite but even nobler and more selfless motives, such as "spreading Western-style democracy" or "liberating the Iraqi people." There is of course no basis for this absurd belief, but it has the virtue of comforting former supporters of Mr. Bush's misadventure by allowing them to pretend that the war was a good idea gone slightly awry in the execution, as opposed to a criminal act executed by a cabal of morally cretinous sociopaths and endorsed by fools."

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