Friday, January 12, 2007

congressional blackmail

* i have a new post over at Larisa's place about congressional blackmail - based on this post warning the incoming dems to stay outta trouble.

* spencer says that the building the americans kidnapped those diplomats from in Irbil really is the consulate. he's been there.

* for those of you in Memphis, don't miss the The National Conference for Media Reform this weekend.

* emptywheel:
" I'm saying it's pretty remarkable that two AOs had Plame's tax forms all ready to leak to the WaPo in the first place. That's the kind of thing Nixon did--use private tax info against his enemies. Add in the coordination with Novak, and it suggests a coordinated effort to get (Brewster Jenning's) name out there. Frankly, it's possible Plame had another cover, and by raising (Brewster Jenning's), the White House/Novak were trying to detract attention from her new cover. But it's the coordination that is remarkable."

* on lehrer, they said that todays Rice hearings were reminiscent of the John Kerry/Vietnam 'how do you ask the last man to die?' hearings! wowsers!

* zbig was on Lehrer - and he referred to the venue of the iraq/iran consulate thing as 'the iran consulate' - which differs substantially from the 'it wasn't a consulate' position.

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