Monday, January 15, 2007

demanded by the Zionist expansionists

* Juan Cole:
"What is really being demanded by the Zionist expansionists is that (President) Carter ignore the creeping Israeli colonization of the Palestinian West Bank, ignore the way in which Israel makes Palestinians' lives miserable, ignore the datum that under Israeli occupation 15 percent of Palestinian children are malnourished. If he ignored all that, then he'd be being even-handed.

The invocation of even-handedness is ironic. We all know what happened to Howard Dean when he even so much as suggested that the US play the role of honest broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The conditions under which Palestinians beyond the green line under Israeli occupation live are actually much worse than what most black South Africans suffered under Apartheid. Within Israel proper, Arabs with Israeli citizenship suffer discrimination. A frankly racist law prevents family unification for Israeli Arabs married to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, singling them out on racial grounds for discriminatory treatment not visited on Jewish Israelis."

* larisa: "Okay, officially I am now fully and totally for impeachment and prosecution.'

* ron: "Sorry, Bloomberg" - lol. (you'll have to go to the link to get the gag)

* The Australian, via kaz:
"SOME 30 non-governmental organisations in Niger said overnight they are going to sue the United States for nearly two billion dollars for "unfairly accusing" Niger of selling uranium to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

"Our lawyers are about to file a lawsuit against the US calling for damages of about 1000 billion CFA francs ($2.42 billion dollars) for the harm suffered" by the country, Moustapha Kadi, president of the Collective of organisations in Niger defending the right to energy (CODDAE)."
* digby:
I have long said that the Republicans are undemocratic, but now they're just coming right out and saying it: democracy is all well and good until the people and their representatives object to what the president is doing at which point the people and their representatives become a superfluous "committee." They have interpreted the words "commander in chief" to mean that the constitution gives the president dictatorial powers during "wartime" (which the president defines.)

These are two dangerous and selfish men who aren't running for office and so have no political constraints. Not even a 30% approval rating or 12% support for this decision has made them think twice. They are completely confident that history will vindicate them.

They are what impeachment was designed for, I'm afraid, although I doubt there's time to build a case, what with the endless executive privilege claims and stonewalling. (I don't rule it out, naturally --- let a thousand oversight hearings bloom and follow the evidence where it leads.) But whether they are ultimately impeached or not, it's clear that they are rogue executives who are impervious to the normal limits that inhibit decent men and political animals. This can't just be swept under the rug."


Miguel said...

""Okay, officially I am now fully and totally for impeachment and prosecution.'

Welcome to the team Larisa! It's funny, but there was headline somewhere on the Internet: 'can Bush be stopped' on his Iraq policy. Of course he can! It's real simple"
Step 1 Draft articles of impeach
Step 2 Pass articles of impeachment
Step 3 Convict in the Senate
Step 4 Remove forcibly from office
Step 5 Repeat these steps against Tony Blair and John Howard.

lukery said...

Step 5 Repeat these steps against Tony Blair and John Howard.
and cheney.

Welcome to the team Larisa!
i wrote the same thing in the comments at her site...

Kathleen said...

Welcome aborad, but what took you so long?

P.S. I've been thinking of changing my screename to Kax. It's an old nickname. I like it because it sound Roman, like Pax or Vox.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

"This can't just be swept under the rug." I've been saying that since the sixties about republican dirty pool. I was just a boy in school, raised to believe you vote for the man, not the party; but holy smoke, I no more than blink an eye and FORTY YEARS have passed. Forty years, and the GOP-Nazi/Gestapo-Communist/KGB world vision is alive and well. And the only reason for it is not enough people who are law-breaking republicans have received the beating they have so honestly earned.

In relationships personal and public, I'm sick and damn tired of giving people who behave poorly over and over a pass. What do you think any republican Congress would do to any democratic president in the future? Impeach him ASAP, that's what, whether he'd broken the law or not. It's unbelievable such behavior receives a scintilla of tolerance in a modern world, and I for one don't plan to be a part of that thinking anymore, because complacency equals acquiescence. (Whether or not it makes any ultimate difference I can't predict, but I know it sets a proper example.)

Anonymous said...

Damned straight!!!!

rimone said...

what everyone else here said about Larisa. and welcome to the party, Larisa, FINALLY!

to Kathleen: i dig Kax --- very cool.

lukery said...

kax is very cool. we love her :-)