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Did FBI Director Robert Mueller Backup Sibel's Espionage Allegations?

Miguel wrote this:
Did FBI Director Robert Mueller Backup Sibel's Espionage Allegations in his Testimony Before Congress?

Once in a while, a fairly innocuous sounding statement by a public official slips out in the public sphere, its significance unfathomable to all but the few. Such a moment occurred to me last night. While playing with my young daughter, I left my T.V. tuned on the CSpan2 channel. Suddenly, the droning monotone of FBI Director Robert Mueller resounded, reading his preplanned statement from a sheet of paper. My ears perked up, but only slightly. For someone who has spent a lot of time researching and studying the Sibel Edmonds case, there is always the hope that Mueller will give a tidbit that will give backing, clues or insights to Sibel's allegations.

Last night, I do not believe I was disappointed.

Buried deep within Mr. Mueller's discussion of foreign espionage and FBI counterintelligence measures on Thursday, Mr. Mueller dropped this bombshell, which undoubtedly flew over the heads of most of the Congressmen at the hearing, and certainly was not noticed by the overwhelming majority of C-Span viewers:

… FBI investigations revealed trusted insiders compromising classified or sensitive information to a wide range of U.S. allies.


For 5 years now, Sibel has been alleging in the public arena that high-level U.S. officials have been leaking sensitive classified information to Turkey and Israel (and perhaps Pakistan), purportedly for cash, and that some of these secrets may have been in turn passed on by our "allies" to other countries and or groups not-so-allied with the United States. Sibel has also insisted that any investigation of these officials has been blocked by the 'state secrets privilege'.

We know from various sources, including Sibel herself, the names of these officials: Marc Grossman, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Dennis Hastert, chief among them.

Of course, it's possible that Mueller is lumping Sibel's allegations with other "trusted insiders" that have passed on secret info to other U.S. "allies. But I firmly believe that Mueller has gone as far as he ever will in confirming key parts of Sibel's story.

But notice the FBI director's careful choice of words:

"trusted insiders" is substituted as a phrase for "high-level elected and unelected U.S. officials"

"compromising " is used instead of "leaking"

Furthermore, Mueller gives no indication of the following:

1) What the FBI is doing, or plans to do, to stop these "trusted insiders" from further compromising national security and

2) Whether these "trusted insiders" may be profiting financially from leaked info (which of course, would show the 'insiders' are hardly pure of motivation)

So based on my critique, let's translate what Mueller is really, in all likelihood, trying to tell the Congress and American people:
FBI wiretaps indicate several high-level government officials, including Congressmen and prominent Neocons, are leaking sensitive classified data, some of which could end up in the hands of terrorists, for their own financial gain. It's really an awful terrible situation which could come back to haunt the United States in a big way, but because these particular crooks are so well-connected, we aren't going to do anything about it.
If Mr. Mueller's candor would have been matched by bluntness, I think his statement to Congress would have perked a bit more interest in the C-Span viewing public.
how about that?

thnx miguel.

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