Sunday, January 07, 2007

the Dribbling Third

* swopa:
"Has a nation involved in a war ever been led by such cynical, yet inept cowards?"
probably, as amazing as it seems.

* driftglass on jamil hussein:
"This is about the Dribbling Third who cannot cope with the idea that their Dear Leader lied them into this mess and then fucked it all to hell-and-gone. That these CHUDs who sneered at the "elite" and then loudly/proudly elected and then re-elected a dry drunk halftard, have now been shown unequivocally to have been one of the greatest generations of dupes and losers in American history.

Everything they "knew" with such passionate certainty has turned out to be a lie.

Everyone they put their absolute, cultist faith in has turned out to be a liar or a fool or insane.

Oh and soooo much worse, the Dirty Hippies were right all along.

For thirty years they screamed that the Dirty Hippies were destroying democracy, and for thirty years they have clawed and slimed and lied and cheated their way to Glorious One Party Christian Conservative Rule.

And now, for six years, the Dribbling Third -- the “STFU, we won!" Conservatives -- have had a blank check to operationalize their dearest masturbatory dreams. Absolute license to run nekkid through the Treasury, appoint Creationists and Oil Industry hacks to sensitive positions to their heart’s content, and bomb the shit out of anyone who looked at ‘em cross-eyed.

And they have succeeded in fucking up everything they have touched.


Every. Single. Fucking. Thing.
What this is about is wingnuts looking down on a national conflagration whose origins are already well-established -- and for which they are in no small measure responsible -- and finding one specific garage-fire that may or may not have been set by a specific group of arsonists, screaming "J'Accuse!”, and pouring all their desperate, obsessive need to ignore the miles of flame all around them into making the specifics of that particular burning sofa a cause célèbre."

* Froomkin:
"John Negroponte, not alarmist enough about the Iranian nuclear threat in his role as Director of National Intelligence, is shifted over to the State Department, the Bush administration's safehouse for the insufficiently neocon. Cheney, who likes to pick his own intelligence, thank you, personally intervenes to get his old friend Mike McConnell to take Negroponte's job."

* newsweek via froomkin:
""Perhaps McConnell's most important backer in the upper reaches of the Bush administration is Vice President Dick Cheney, with whom he worked more than a decade ago when the veep was Defense secretary under the first President Bush. McConnell had been approached at least twice before by the administration to take a top job in the intelligence director's office but turned it down, according to two former government officials. McConnell finally agreed to take the job after a direct, personal approach from Cheney, according to a former government official who talked to McConnell in the last day or two.""

* alternet has the spooky Jeebus Meets the Pentagon video

* gilliard:
"I have mixed feeling about this case. Watada abandoned his men who were deployed to Iraq. He wasn't a private, he was an officer and they needed his leadership.

The vast majority or resisters have at least one combat tour under their belt.

On the other hand, his argument that the war is illegal is clearly a persuasive one. Not one which will past muster with a court martial, but persuasive. I hope they give him the minimum punishment, since not guilty is very unilikely"

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