Friday, January 26, 2007


* driftglass:
"And now we are faced with another grim reality with frightening implications: That millions of our fellow citizens are either hateful morons or clinically insane and that they are almost all packed into the same political Party.

A Party/Media/Corporate Empire which now survives solely by keeping its base ignorant, frightened and berserk with rage.

And the implications that flow from this unhappy revelation that we are two, distinct Americas now -- and that while one is certainly flawed and squabbling and timorous, the other America – the Red/Fox America -- has become so existentially monstrous that it is now inimical to every value we claim to cherish -- are so terrifying to normal citizens that they will not accept it."

* STMCD with Drifty:
"I mean there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Kristol that his sitting in a sealed garage with the engine running for six hours couldn’t cure. And then his carcass could be towed out to sea and sunk onto the Sala Y Gomez Ridge where his skeleton could perhaps help produce a lively coral playground for skates and urchins and squids, and begin paying the vig on his massive karmic debt.

Except, of course, for his malevolent grin.

The coroner’s gonna have to pound that “Isn’t it cool how I make other people’s children die for my jagoff delusions of Empire?” smirk off his skull with a coal chisel.

Also on “Fox”, Bill Kristol finally, if accidentally, formalizes the GOP meme for maintaining perpetual war while keeping dissent perpetually demonized. Saying, more-or-less, everyone needs to STFU fro the next 6-9 months to see if this latest stupid idea pans out.

Of course when it doesn’t, it will be followed by yet another fantastically stupid plan, and Kristol will then tread the boards once again, insisting that everyone who does not sit on their hands while the Bicycle Chief forces the military to Sisyphus another Rock up Mt. Iraq is a traitor.

Project this shell game backwards four years and ahead forever – interleaved with protestations of “listening to experts” followed by the firing on any expert who disagrees with Administration delusion -- and you now understand the blueprint for the GOP Perpetual Destruction Machine."

* driftglass:
George W. Bush will go down in history as the American President who spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives to kill the monster under his bed.

And the GOP will be forever damned as the Party that let him."

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