Tuesday, January 30, 2007

getting lost in the bathtub.

* trex:
"Oh, the stupid. It burns. Sometimes you wonder how right-wing bloggers like Michelle Malkin keep from getting lost in the bathtub. "

* businessweek:
"It would be easy to assume that Turks would silently condone the hit that ended Dink's life, and the nationalist extremists who were probably behind the deed. But quite the contrary has happened. Tens of thousands of Turks have demonstrated to condemn the murder and demand justice. A rising chorus of voices seems to be saying: "This is not the Turkey we want.""
let's hope so.

* Dahr Jamail:
Watada's case is critical for two main reasons.

If he is convicted for his speech charges, it sends a message to other war resisters that they will be penalized for their speech more harshly than even their decision not to deploy to Iraq. In addition, this sends a chilling message to journalists who wish to cover their story - that as a journalist you may be used as an arm of the prosecution to testify against your sources.

This case has the potential to set precedent which would deleteriously affect both free speech rights of service members of the U.S. military, as well as journalists' ability to cover those stories. It is important to note that the Democratically controlled Congress has chosen NOT to take a stand on either of these issues, when they could intervene on both counts.

* jeralyn and ew vblogging todays events.

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