Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Godspeed Jane

* jane is going in for breat cancer surgery on thursday. good luck jane.

* amy has Bill Moyers' speech from the Memphis media reform conference on the weekend. 50 mins.

* AP:
"A fired CIA employee, who collected prewar intelligence that Iraq was not developing weapons of mass destruction, can continue with a lawsuit challenging his dismissal, a federal judge has ruled.

U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler decided on technical grounds that the lawsuit could not be dismissed. But she did not rule on the covert agent's contention that he was fired because he refused to alter intelligence that contradicted Bush administration policies.

Kessler said in the ruling Friday that the covert agent, identified only as Doe, had the right to argue his firing was based on allegedly false information placed in his personnel file.

The agent said he collected intelligence from several countries in the Near East. "Obviously, Iraq was one of them," said the plaintiff's Washington attorney, Roy Krieger. The lawsuit does not name any of the countries.
The lawsuit said Doe's CIA superiors either refused to disseminate the intelligence or demanded he falsify his report to indicate several countries were developing the weapons.
The plaintiff said the CIA launched two sham investigations of him before his termination in September, 2004, accusing him of having sex with a female intelligence asset and diverting money designated for informers to his own use.
calling the State Secrets Privilege...

* larisa:
"It is truly breathtaking that a sitting Prime Minister would not only shut down an investigation into domestic criminal activity by a foreign nation, but Tony Blair did more than that. A Saudi slush fund investigation not only shut down, but defended publicly by Blair is more proof that the House of Saud continues to blackmail (via energy threats and business deals) the west
The Saudi regime is notorious for their support of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Gray Wolves, and every other terrorist organization in the region. So for them to have a domestic slush fund using a private bank in another country should be of concern. What is also of concern or should be is that the fund was set up under the guise of client entertainment perks, that is to say, bribery by a defense contractor."


Kax said...

Jane, we'll all be pulling for you, sweetie.

Larisa Alexandrovna said...

Apparently Xymph has swallowed gallons of kool -aid... check out the little hit piece on me, cough, err, fan post:)

LeeB said...

Kax: You want your tag on the map changed to match your new handle?

Larisa: Congratulations!! You did good attracting such a *fan*. :-) . . . Apparently several others were compelled to reply with appropriate smackdowns . . . and one doesn't quite believe you're really you.

FDL still has no post-surgery updates on Jane as of about 20 minutes ago. (More prayers coming right up, Jane.)

mondo said...

It isn't a hit piece on you. Relax. You're playing right into the feudalism they've been training us all for the past decade. If you bother to go back and read Xymph's posts back to 2004, you'll see he's been dead-on.