Thursday, January 18, 2007

How many deadlines have we passed re Iran?

* xymphora:
"How many deadlines have we now passed that ‘experts’ assured us would be the certain start of an attack on Iran?"

* driftglass has an origami task for you - part one, part two. it ends like this:
"So here’s the truth.

The Left has moved so far Right in the last few decades that the Left is the New Center.

The Right is now run by and for evil lunatics who conceal their evil lunacy in the shadows thrown by their Dirty Straw Hippies.

And anyone who tries to pretend any different is either an idiot or liar who will fuck over your children’s future, kosh you on the head, razor out your pockets and leave you for dead the minute you turn your back on ‘em.

Now fold your list into a little paper bucket.

Puke in it from nausea induced by the fact that although deconstructing these little spun-shit Fox-spawned “stories” is as easy as Dick Cheney pulling the wings off the Constitution, there is apparently no one – NO one – left in the Mainstream Media outside of MSNBC and Comedy Fucking Central who has the nads to even bother anymore.

And then dispose of your sick bag safely."

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starroute said...

Yeah, but xymphora also thinks the missed Iran "deadlines" are just a Democratic smokescreen to enable Bush to complete the Zionist plot of dismembering Iraq.

Xymphora is also currently bitching at Larisa for daring to suggest that Blair's dropping of the BAE case was a result of Saudi blackmail -- since "the Saudis have been the best friend the West could ever possibly have," "if there is any concern for the Saudis it would more accurately be described as returning an enormous series of favors rather than blackmail," and "there is no evidence to support the idea that the Saudi government supports terrorism."

I haven't minded the fact that xymphora is a little nutty on the subject of Israel, since the arguments brought to bear always seemed at least worthy of consideration. But his/her/its recent need to turn every current news story inside out and upside down to mutate it into an indictment of Zionism and vindication of the Arab states has made the commentary there increasingly useless for anything except lining the bottom of parakeet cages.

(And the fact that the Saudis and the Israelis *both* have a great deal to gain from taking Iran down a couple of notches should make us particularly wary of any black-white dichotomies where those two are concerned.)