Wednesday, January 10, 2007

interventionist god

* wes clark:
"Well before the 2003 invasion, the Bush administration was sending signals that its intentions weren't limited to Iraq; "regime change" in Syria and Iran was often discussed in Washington. Small wonder then that both countries have worked continuously to feed the fighting in Iraq."

* athenae tees off on joke line. go read.

* TREX on blogging:
"Blogging is a boring passtime for boring, ugly people who would rather hide in their basements and blog about life than actually put forth the effort necessary to live a life. You're through. Done. This was a terrible idea. Good riddance! You feel for all those poor souls hunched over their computers, futilely spilling their guts to the world in a desperate plea for the admiration of strangers. Not you! Not anymore!

You rediscover housework. You struggle to reconnect with your old friends, even though you are consistently finding yourself at a conversational disadvantage because everything that has happened to you for the last six months has been on-line. You realize that your friends neither know nor care about that hilarious thing that Gavin from Sadly, No! said about Ann Althouse in November. They don't even know who Glenn Greenwald is."

* rimone has posted some reactions to the newz that she's moving back to america to try to save the world. mine is the 'interventionist god' email. good luck rimone.

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rimone said...

thank you sweet boy. especially for outing yourself, lol.

this won't happen for a bit yet as i have plans to go on the Big Fuckin' Slides at the Tate 17. feb. but as i said, i've got to do /something/ and i ain't doin' shit here although i love living in England and actually have meatspace friends here, those who mean the world to me. xxxxx