Friday, January 12, 2007

the iran war cometh

* kleiman:
"Will anyone notice that (Bush's) concession that things were going very badly in Iraq through 2006 makes liars of himself and all his supporters, and monkeys of the wingnut columnists and bloggers who kept insisting that everything was going fine and that reports to the contrary were liberal lies from the MSM? Probably not."

* holy shit - the beeb via larisa:
"US forces have stormed an Iranian consulate in the northern Iraqi town of Irbil and seized six members of staff."

* glenn:
"(Bush) accused the Iranian government of “providing material support for attacks on American troops” and vowed to “seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies.” But those networks are located in Iran, which means that search and destroy missions on such networks would necessarily include some incursion into Iranian territory, whether by air or ground.
But these were merely the latest in a series of plainly significant events over the last several weeks that, taken alone, are each noteworthy themselves, but when viewed as a whole unmistakably signal a deliberate escalation of tensions with Iran by both the U.S. and Israel
I think there is a tendency to dismiss the possibility of some type of war with Iran because it is so transparently destructive and detached from reality that it seems unfathomable. But if there is one lesson that everyone should have learned over the last six years, it is that there is no action too extreme or detached from reality to be placed off limits to this administration. The President is a True Believer and the moral imperative of his crusade trumps the constraints of reality."

* Glenn also has this interview from Fox that i'd missed earlier:
Hannity: Is this a struggle literally between good and evil?

Bush: I think it is.

Hannity: This is what it is? Do you think most people understand that? I mean, when you see the vacillating poll numbers, does it discourage you in that sense?

Bush: Well, first of all, you can't make decisions on polls, Sean. You've got to do what you think is right. The reason I say it's good versus evil is that evil people kill innocent life to achieve political objectives. And that's what Al Qaeda and people like Al Qaeda do.
That's seriously fucked up. evil people killing innocents to achieve a political goal = an endtimes battle between good and evil. omfg.


Anonymous said...

You are one dumb fuckhead.....and also a fucking idiot....a "useful idiot" by the left.

lukery said...

thnx for your insight

LeeB said...

LOL!! Congratulations, Lukery, you caught another one o' them mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging halfwits . . . a real seventeen percenter!! WooHoo!

Mebbe it'll stick around for awhile so we can have some fun kickin' it back and forth. ROFL!! ;-)

(I know, not nice of me to say that, but there are times when I just can't let twits like that get by with such unseemly behavior.)

Don said...

Oddly, depending on how you look at Anon's comment, he could have been addressing Luke, Bush, or the Hannbot...

lukery said...

LeeB - i was gonna FP it - but there wasn't quite enough there to work with.

Don - which one are u learning to?

LeeB said...

Don: "Oddly, depending on how you look at Anon's comment, he could have been addressing Luke, Bush, or the Hannbot... "

You could be right, but the way I read it, if the comment was directed at anybody BUT Luke, Anon would have made that clear by naming the target. [As we can clearly see, LeeB doesn't much like anybody using that tone with Luke!] ;-)

«—U®Anu§—» said...

We'll be seeing more and more of that as the frightened simple-minded, who depend upon Der Holy Fuhrer for their picture of reality, find themselves swept into irrelevance by their own deliberate decisions aimed at knowing absolutely nothing.

LeeB said...

Hi, Mr. U -

" . . . deliberate decisions aimed at knowing absolutely nothing."

I couldn't help but notice how successful they are at that endeavor.

lukery said...

As we can clearly see, LeeB doesn't much like anybody using that tone with Luke!

ha! I just wish it was more specific. it's difficult to make fun of something so generic!

Don said...

Don - which one are u leaning to?

Oh, I agree he/she was likely ranting at you. The lack of creativity in profanity alone bespeaks one who isn't a regular visitor to the community. :P

I just found it interesting that his brief points (lack of intelligence and 'useful idiot'-ness by the left) could have been applied equally well to the aforementioned GOP icons. The use of quotes around "useful idiot" was unusual, but I may be reading subtextual intent when grammatical deficiency will suffice as explanation.

Hmmm... "useful idiot-ness"... what the hell, it works... :D

LeeB said...

LOL! If there is ANYTHING that reveals a troll doing a drive-by around here it would be the lack of creativity in use of profanity. No regular participant would dare show his or her face if this example was the best they could do. Heh . . .