Sunday, January 07, 2007

there is literally no peace movement

* chicagodyke went to the AEI/mccain/nomentum stakeout:
"Just got back from AEI, and boy, they really need air conditioning! No, really- by the end of the chat I and everyone else in the room were about to fall over from heat exhaustion. I wonder if Joe always has that effect…
But seriously, I suppose you want to know what happened. Well, the good news is…Joe and John made friends in Iraq! They talked to happy, fluffy people who said things are going great and we’re winning and can win and that they want to stay. In fact, things are so good over there, Joe and John told us, that we should send more troops over to join in the fun!"
she took notes, with extra snark.

* froomkin:
"News reports suggest that Bush's plan is not likely to win enthusiastic support, even from within his own party. But my question is: Where's the outrage?

If the vox populi and the cognoscenti agree that throwing more American bodies at the problem will only result in more American deaths, then how is the apparent Bush plan anything short of a betrayal of the troops and an expression of contempt for the will of the people?"

* froomkin:
"As far as the newspapers I read are concerned, there is literally no peace movement."


profmarcus said...

we all know what they say about opinions... they're like a**holes - everybody has one... i suppose you can say the same about theories... anywayz, here goes...

i think the reason bush will absolutely not pull out of iraq, and, in fact, is committed to further inflaming the situation there, is so simple it might just be easy to miss... if the u.s. pulls out, it will immediately obviate the aumf, and, as a consequence, will put a quick halt to the powers that bush can continue to claim as long as we are "at war" and he holds the role of commander-in-chief... as long as he can flout the cinc title, as long as the u.s. remains on a "wartime" footing, bush holds the powers that accrue to a chief executive of a country at war... if you carefully look at what this presidential administration has done to this country, virtually all of it has been done under the premise that we are engaged in a virtually endless war, a war that requires an executive branch that can act as it sees fit to protect our "national security..." no war, no premise...

«—U®Anu§—» said...

My reading has been very light. I've been down with yet another little roaming virus which causes extreme chest congestion. This one's been going around for awhile and I thought I'd missed it, but no. Once Congress gets wound up, and especially presuming President Dickface gets the first real opposition to his endless war fantasy, we should see some real action; hopefully, something better than people pleading with democrats to get off their asses and fix Bush's mess.