Sunday, January 28, 2007

Third Carrier Group on the way

* thanks to Leeb, here's Byron York and Emptywheel on cspan discussing the trial

* Larisa, in full:
Third Carrier Group on the way

I know, it is all very exciting to watch who might run for the 08 Presidential seat. Yes, it must be so fascinating to start running for 08 when we are still catching our breath from the distraction 06 elections. Perhaps if Congress was not busy always running for something or from someone, they may actually pay attention to the following:
"The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan passes two fishermen in their small boat as it leaves for its second deployment in a year from North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado, California January 27, 2007. The Reagan is headed to the Persian Gulf to support war efforts in Iraq. REUTERS/Fred Greaves (UNITED STATES)"
It is not just the mainstream newsinistas who are busily ignoring us into a war of provocation (See, last time they sold it, this time they are simply letting it happen) or the ethically challenged co-equal branch of government who is passing non-binding resolutions just to look like they are actually doing something. Try a binding one kids, that might work! But it is not just the bankrupt beltway that is too busy or too purchased to be bothered.

It is also the bloggers, both on the right and the left, who are too busy to focus the net-roots to stop a war. The right is led by a borg-like brain from one moment of propaganda to the other, hoping for the next high of when someone might fall for their "Kerry is sitting all alone at a table" bullshit.

The left is too busy jockeying for power plays - cliques are at odds with other cliques... just like high school - to actually put aside petty disagreements.

And the alternative press, who can claim maybe 3 reporters on this story, is too busy trying to scrape enough money month to month in order to get by.
So there you have it, 3, maybe 4 journalists, and 5 maybe 7 bloggers, all working to stop a war of catastrophic proportion should this rogue presidency go all "nukelar."


Anonymous said...

you could at least try to fact check before posting this crap

Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group to Surge Deploy

Chris said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous, the still secret Iran War plans ALSO call for THREE carriers to be deployed to the Gulf, and MANY people have told me for months to watch for a third carrier...USS Ronald Reagan is Iran's final warning before we go to war with them, the stage is set, will YOU be ready for the first Act?

LeeB said...

This is all very serious, of course, but I am still - after having read Anon's post about 4 hours ago - trying to wrap my head around the notion of scolding Larisa about fact checking her 'crap.' Unbelievable. I guess if I said something like that, I'd hide behind an anonymous posting, too. LOL! ;-)

Chris, thank you for your informative reply.

rimone said...

what Lee B said, anonymous chickenshit coward.

Benzl1 said...

This sounds like an excellent opportunity to initiate the draft and make sure we close all the loopholes this time like college and CEOs etcetera lets get eveyone involved maybe we will get better than 50% at the poles in the future ,lets make sure we empty the prisons first as our leading edge ,see how Iran likes them can't wait to hear you bleeding hearts over this post.MAYBE you should grow a pair