Saturday, January 20, 2007

where's cheney?

* Indy:
"Police in Ukraine are investigating the death of one of the country's most powerful and controversial politicians in what is said to have been a hunting accident.

Yevgeny Kushnaryov, described as "the right-hand man" to Ukraine's pro-Russian Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych, died this week after being shot by one of his hunting companions.

Mr Kushnaryov and nine other hunters were stalking wild boar in the heavily wooded east of the country when tragedy struck. Police are examining three different versions: that he was shot due to careless gun handling; that it was an accident caused by a ricochet; or that he was murdered.

His death has sent shockwaves through Ukraine's volatile political scene and prompted his friend Mr Yanukovych to cut short an official visit to Turkey.
One version of events has it that Mr Kushnaryov and his friends were on their way home when they saw a wolf and leapt from their cars to shoot at it. In the frenzied firing, he was shot. Another version suggests he was shot while still sitting in the car. There are conflicting reports about how many times he was shot, ranging from once to several times."
where's cheney?

* meanwhile, oldschool:
"Cheny’s being on the witness lis may in fact be a total red herring - existing only as a means of sorting out potetntial jurors that the defense doesn’t like. He may never show up at all. Just because his name is on the witness list does not, by any means, mean that he will in fact be called.

I mean - if I’m Cheney - why would I even consider showing up? At best he’s a lay memory witness. Not worth a whole lot. If he does show up - he’s got the Wilson op-ed, with his own hand-written notes on it, to answer for.

Why in the world would he do that?"
(typos his!) - EW responds:
"I agree they’re using his appearance to greatest advantage. But I think they also need him to rebut Cathie Martin."

* the Guardian put the "C-word" in an article. Can you imagine that happening in the US? Heck - not even i use that word here on the blog (or in real life) (i'm sure Rimone will jump in here). Meanwhile, Chris Matthews nearly said 'shit' and everyone is excited.

* krugman:
"The next two years, in other words, are going to be a rolling constitutional crisis."


rimone said...

the Guardian put the "C-word" in an article. Can you imagine that happening in the US? Heck - not even i use that word here on the blog (or in real life) (i'm sure Rimone will jump in here).

*snigger* you know me too well, dude. then again, words like 'shit', 'fuck', 'cunt' and 'twat' et al. are freely broadcast on TV over here, usually after 21,00 (but i've heard a few earlier). amazingly, nobody gives a shit.

i'm so waiting for Guardian readers and the rest of the UK to cause their version of the furor over Janet Jackson's Accidental Tit. NOT.

oldschool said...

well heck Luke - ya coulda at least fixed my typo's. I'd do it for you.

In the meantime, now I have to go back and research Cathie Martin, and just what it is that EW thinks she's gonna say.

That darn EW - she's hard to argue with.

even if Cathie Martin says that all of this came directly from Cheney himself - who cares? Cheney's not on trial, and Libby can't claim as a defense that he was acting under orders (to leak the Plame info) - 'cause he's not charged with that. He's charged, essentially, with perjury, with a (resultant) obstruction of justice thrown in. Cheney's role in what Scoots did, or did not say, in front of the grand jury, is for the time being, irrelevant.

I would guess that all Martin can say is that the OVP *was* very much obsessed with Wilson/Plame (the implication being that there's no way that Scoots just "forgot").

I still don't see Cheney taking the risks involved with getting on the stand for the purpose of saying, "nah, we weren't obsessed, exactly. Aware - yes - obsessed no."

I think Scoots is on his own until late December 2008 or early in Jan 2009, at which time the pardon comes down.

Witness lists are a great way to throw the other side off chasing the wrong scent.