Tuesday, January 09, 2007

why can't US consumers simply pay for the oil ?

* SteveA on Dr Frank's diagnosis that the preznit is a sociopathic freak:
"I think Dr. Frank oversimplifies the problem we have when he diagnoses the President with some kind of psychological problem. He makes it seem like there are just a few folks who have, unluckily for us, found themselves with power. He suggests that the rest of us are sane in ways that Bush is not and it would take very little arguing to make this distinction. If it were that easy I would not have seen liberals writing about how invading this or that country was a just war."
* Noise adds:
"This reminds me of the notion that the average US consumer is full of it because they want the oil but they don't want the guilt that comes with US imperialism. The idea being that US imperialism is intended to keep cheap oil flowing into our SUV's. Is this true? Perhaps to some degree. Then again, there is huge profit motive from employing military solutions. Meaning, why can't US consumers simply pay for the oil instead of paying the MIC billions of dollars because they claim it's the only way to get the oil."


noise said...

If any of this "W as decider" stuff is remotely true, everyone in Congress should be indicted for criminal negligence.

Superteemu said...

Noise, that's hilarious. I now have this vivid mental image of someone spending $300 on a gun, collecting a bag of groceries worth $30 in grocery store, shooting the (foreign) clerk to avoid paying the bill, ditching the used gun and then looking for new gun to be used for "shopping" tomorrow.

lukery said...

Teemu - how many times do we have to tell yuo - shooting foreigners simply isnt funny!

(good to see you)

rimone said...

y'all are cracking me up here---thanks, i really needed it, lol. xxxxxxxxxxx

LeeB said...