Friday, January 05, 2007

Wilkes remains under investigation

* tpmm:
"While some committees are "locked and loaded" for investigating the administration, he said, others aren't. Privately, some observers have said some Democrats were surprised by their November victory and hadn't done the planning necessary to move quickly to staff up committee leadership offices and develop oversight agendas."

* LAT:
"Federal prosecutors in San Diego have subpoenaed documents from three House committees as part of an investigation into special-interest earmarks in spending bills.

The demand ratchets up an investigation by the U.S. attorney's office in San Diego into contracts awarded by the Defense Department and other agencies. The probe stems from the bribery case against Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Rancho Santa Fe), who pleaded guilty and resigned in 2005.

The scope of the investigation is unclear, although the request for documents is considered unusually broad.
The subpoenas went to the armed services, appropriations and intelligence committees, whose Republican chairmen reported the subpoenas to outgoing House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) in letters dated two weeks ago.
The subpoenas are an escalation of a nine-month tug-of-war between the Justice Department and House Republicans. Prosecutors had asked the committees to turn over the information voluntarily.
Wilkes remains under investigation.

The San Diego federal prosecutors have also been examining the relationship between Wilkes and Kyle Dustin "Dusty" Foggo, who resigned as CIA executive director in the spring after federal agents searched his office and home.

Investigators have examined at least one contract that was awarded to Wilkes while Foggo was a senior CIA procurement officer in Germany."
is wilkes TBTF? i think so.

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calipendence said...

It sounds like they're also moving Duke Cunningham from N.C. prison to one closer here in Tucson. It does sound like something's up now in the near future. I wonder if the Dems are motivated to help prod actions on these guys to move into higher gear to get payback time on Virgil Goode, who's also been investigated in this mess, and who's been a real bastard with his recent comments about Muslim congressman-elect Ellison