Monday, February 19, 2007

australian beaches

so i went to a beach - 20km long.

this view is basically from the middle, looking right:

and looking left:

sand: white & squeaky
water: torquise & warm
sky: blue & hot
lukery: brown as a berry

oh - and the beach gets less traffic than my blog.


Superteemu said...

So you're trying to impress me... How about this white beach? And no swimmers or sunbathers here either.

(Well, if you were to split hairs, technically that's not "sand", but it's still white & squishy!)

I suggest you stay away though, as brown doesn't work well as camouflage in this environment. Bloodthirsty reindeers (guess what's that red on Rudolphs snout?) can spot you from a mile away.

(Welcome back! :)

lukery said...


speaking of bloodthirsty, i was climbing among some rocks on a gorgeouser beach the previous and stumbled across a beehive and got attacked! my bro said it looked like it does in a cartoon. i wasnt impressed.

how was your trip?

Superteemu said...

If only had your bro gotten that on video, you could be a Youtube celebrity now. :(

Me, I met the amazing Rimone, so I guess that alone made my trip worth it! Other points of note:

- British people are in dire need of humanitarian / development aid in form of mixer taps (faucets) and window insulation materials.

- British cluster bombs should be loaded with scotch eggs for maximum effect, unless it's forbidden in some war rule book (ABC-weapons?)

- Downing street (really a short alley right in the middle of London) was guarded by four separate barriers with burly-looking pair of officers on each, so no chance for me to pee on the doorstep.

- Now that I saw Alegria, I'll start touring the world to see all the other Cirque du Soleil shows. Varekai is now down there, seen it?