Wednesday, February 21, 2007

* btw - i still havent had a chance to read through the guestposters' posts from when i was away. i'm busy catching up with a whole bunch of stuff about the world's two-weeks-without-lukery and clean out my email inbox and all that jazz - plus working on a whole bunch of other things that you'll hear a lot more about in the next week or two.

in the meantime - thanks, again, to the guestposters - and they are all welcome to keep posting here.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

Thanks for the privilege and welcome back Luke. Microsoft is no longer accepting my previously good key number, and in four days when my validation period runs out, I'm going to see if I can reinstall. If not, I may go missing for awhile while I consider the options. This compromised installation works but doesn't have all the bug fixes.

Jason Leopold has a new article up about Libby which is pretty tasty. I regret I made only one post while you were out. I meant to do better. Between the new Google sign-in and my unpatched browser, I puddled along like a kindergartner during your absence. My post was about the privacy of pharmacy records. I noticed the New York Times had this article the other day about medical records privacy.

I wouldn't predict how this will become an issue, but you can bet your bottom dollar it will, and not in a good way. Unfortunately, Robert Pear's article doesn't come right out and say it, but it's already too late. You won't stuff that genie back in the bottle.

Meanwhile, I'm expressing my outrage with Janet over this town's cat population explosion, and I'm working with her and encouraging her to write a new city ordinance declaring our town a cat sanctuary. I know a couple people here, and hope we can figure out a way to slide this one in, as it runs contrary to previous city ordinances which, among other things, command you to keep your cat on a damn rope (fine, $240) and allow discharging a firearm in the city limits to shoot cats you suspect are rabid (although such a thing is rare in the most extreme). These cold-blooded provisions are doing nothing to slow down the endless flow of starving kittens. More citizens need to practice cat rescue, and we hope it's a way to encourage it. Janet hasn't produced the document, so I have to keep after her. Wish us luck.

I haven't asked why Rimone disappeared from the contributor list, because I'm afraid. I fear it's because she wants to break my heart. I know how this stuff goes! Seriously, I hope nothing unpleasant has happened, and I miss you desperately, Rimone. Come home soon!

lukery said...

uranus - i hope the MS transition goes ok. i know how nervous that whole process can be!

thnx for leopold.

i'm not a fan of rabid cats, or discharging firearms.

i'm not sure why rimone disappeared from that list. i presume she did something to opt-out. rimone?

rimone said...

i did nothing to opt out (on my blogger page

it still sez 'wotisitgood4' but w/nobody else listed). in all truth, i've had nothing of political substance to add and i know y'all don't want me to keep going on and on about me being on the new Alabama 3 album (Chris as well) and stuff like that.

as you once paraphrased me, Lukery, 'i'm happy --- fuck off.' (not directed to anyone here.)

i believe i've been suffering from bu$hCo burn-out and only realised it at the end of the Summer and thank fuck for that. NOTHING SURPRISES ME ANYMORE.

Uranus: keep on fighting the good kitty fight. fucking bastards, they are (not the kitties).

«—U®Anu§—» said...

People here have a long tradition of being mean and uneducated. Janet realizes that and hasn't brought it up for a couple days. I guess she knows it's a hard sell, and remembers her experience with the chickens. She has many good ideas. The lesson of the virtues of learning and kindness such a program requires is a good one for this town and the world, even though the best I could expect is that precious few people will learn.

Rimone, with Google taking over Blogger and attempting to convert accounts to Google sign-in, something might have gone wrong even if you upgraded your account. I haven't figured it out, and it's given me lots of trouble the past two or three weeks.

rimone said...

i totally refuse to sign up for anything anymore, including Google anything. i'm one o' those w/o a gmail addy.

when google makes you sign up to use its search engine, i'm so using another.