Tuesday, February 20, 2007

evidence linking the attacks to the United States

Sam Gardiner
For those concerned about a possible war with Iran should turn up their worry-dials two notches. This morning’s news has a couple dark clouds.

IED’s Inside Iran - If you have not been reading foreign press, you might have missed two explosions this past week in Iran. One of them killed 11 and injured 31 members of the Revolutionary Guard, and the other was near a school.

Although the devices were not IED’s like those found in Iraq, the explosions were in the area a group sponsored by the United States may be operating. The area in Iran is Sistan-Baluchestan near the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sy Hersh and a number of other reporters have said this is the area in which the MEK (or the mouthful name Mujahedin-e Khalq) have been operating.

This morning a Chinese newswire is reporting that the Iranians have evidence linking the attacks to the United States.

According to the report, “Relevant documents, photographs and film footage, which show that the explosives and arsenals used in the attack were American, would soon be made public, an ‘informed source’ was quoted as saying.”

The issue is not that “informed source” has switched sides, although I find quoting him to be interesting. This, however, ratchets up the tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Even if the United States were behind the operation, it is unlikely the Iranians would find weapons and materials that would be identifiable as American. US organizations that are involved in covert operations are very good about not leaving signatures that can be traced.

That is even more of a concern. The Iranians are choosing to make an issue.


steven andresen said...

This came up,

"...That is even more of a concern. The Iranians are choosing to make an issue."

I have wanted to point out that the American government should have treated the 9-11 murders as crimes that should have been dealt with as crimes. There should have been an investigation. There should have been evidence gathered.

The Bush administration only made itself look guilty, in my eyes, by declaring the case closed and that we should go off invading and punishing the Afghanis or the Iraqis.

The Iranians could push these bombings as crimes and try to get international support for the investigation and prosecution of them as such.

Of course, the United States would probably refuse to be investigated. Nor, if investigated, agree to submit to just punishment. The Nicaraguans took the United States to a world court and won a judgement for the crime of mining their harbors, I believe. The U.S. has been told to pay a penalty of 10 billion dollars, again if my memory serves me.

I think a criminal investigation would be worth pursuing for the Iranians. At least it would demonstrate certain differences between how the Iranians and the Bush administration handle conflict.

the daily phosdex said...

Maybe it was time to start asking as well whether His Fraudulency's Great Within was really behind the Unfortunate Events of 9/11 to justify some class of measures to pervert the Constitution under the guise of a War on Terrorism.

The which, alas for it! seems to be crossing the line into what racist and white-supremacist types call RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr), what with its forced and "patriotic" brand of Islamophobia up there with Nazi Germany's anti-Semitism and apartheid South Africa's racism. (And yet refusing to acknowledge where it's all the more an ur-race war.)

Questions still need to be raised, in any case, as to His Fraudulency's mental capacity vis-a-vis his capacity to discharge the powers and duties of his office.

lukery said...

steve - i can't agree with you more that 911 should have been treated as a crime scene. the 'i'm not anti-war. i supported the afghan war!!!!' crowd drives me mad.

good idea re the iranians.

TDP - yep, yep and yep.