Monday, February 19, 2007

impeach now


Anonymous said...

There's more than sufficient impeachable offenses on the table now for Bush and Cheney to be impeached immediately. We've been duped, it seems, by the Democrats. Conyers screams impeachment now, if Bush and the neocon cabal attack Iran, which is preposterous.

An excellent interview titled "Impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to Stop the Guns of August, an attack on Iran" makes clear the way for impeachment.(ICH) Now, we must mobilize. There's little hope for a PAC like MoveOn to rise to the occasion. Individually we must begin by demanding our Representatives impeach - it's the House of Representatives that has the power to do so.

The stupidity of people like McCain, Lieberman, McConnell, Graham, and Chabot is remarkable. They couldn't be less patriotic if they tried, and have completely forgotten their duty and moral obligation to their constituents, some of which are the very people they propose to offer up as fodder for a preempted war which will never succeed. Yet they temeritously use a lack of support for the troops already in harms way. What has the GOP cared about the troops thus far? They've had to use cardboard boxes as armor or else have bought their own! Cuts to veterans benefits, no reintigration programs for them to come back into society -- some without a home or job to return to.

Further, how can this cabal even think of kvetching about Iran's nuclear technology without looking at Israel? Or, for that matter, US.

Yes, impeach, the sooner, the better. Has anyone considered the fact that these people are criminally insane? Is that enough to get them OUT? Bush, Cheney, Rice, are murderers, with the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on their hands and lips. And America is only different from WWII Germany because the genocide hasn't been on our soil. The same as with Hitler, America sits back and does NOTHING.

LeeB said...

Excellent Post! Now, pick a handle so we'll know it's you then come back. :-)