Monday, February 19, 2007

The Incredibly, Credible Sibel

* mizgin @ ktm:
" Sibel's information dovetails with much that the Kurdish movement has suspected for a long time.

It explains why the US government has ignored arms sales to Turkey although the State Department has issued its own lame human rights reports on Turkey and legistlation to prevent sales of arms to terrorist states that use them against their own populations.

Sibel's information is consistent with the brief glimpse of the Deep State that we got during the Susurluk scandal. Americans don't know anything about Susurluk, but when I read the information that has come from Sibel, Susurluk is that first thing that comes to mind.

There was a lot of other dirty business going on in Turkey at the time (1990s)--again, that Americans don't know anything about--like the drug-trafficking and the Dirty War. But when you know all of that history and then you read Sibel's information, they you know; Sibel is totally credible.

Tansu Ciller of DYP was leading the coalition Ciller/Erbakan government at the time and her corruption was legendary even by Turkish standards.

Kind of odd, isn't it, that the US Ambassador who encouraged that nightmare period was none other than Marc Grossman?

The real ruler of Turkey, Chief of Turkish General Staff Yasar Buyukanit is in the US right now. Not only is he the sole ruler of America's model of democracy for the Middle East, but he's also the head of the Deep State.

Everyone should pay attention to what Yasar Pasha has to say and whom he visits (or whom the media claims he doesn't visit).

At this point, I'm willing to bet that Lantos takes over from Hastert as major receiver of Turkish heroin money."

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