Thursday, February 01, 2007

let's hope the project can 'scale'.

* warning, non-political post as i try to tune down for my imminent holiday (i'm trying to do a dozen things, including packing, and planning another trip in april and tidy up interviews, and half-follow the libby trial and whatnot (and yep, i've been a laggard in responding to emails - sorry about that))

in any case, in November I wrote:
"a dear buddy of mine has taken a job in Papua New Guinea doing some sustainable-eco-something or other. he went for a dive today and took this pic."

it turns out he's trying to organise some crazy thing in PNG. Today he sent through this (beautiful) pic where they are apparently trying to extract diesel from coconuts (you can see the coconut shells in the background)

let's hope the project can 'scale' somehow.


Superteemu said...

So, you're gone for two weeks, just now that I'm about to travel abroad for two weeks starting tomorrow, for my first real vacation in years? Now that's what I call perfect timing. Phew, no need to hunt for net caf├ęs.

(Don't tell her, but I'll try to snap a good shot of Rimone before she notices my camera.)

lukery said...

wow! you're going to meet with Rimone??

That would be our 2nd GSF meetup. we want reports.

it's my first real trip for years too.

have a great time?

LeeB said...

LOL!! I'm sure she won't notice a thing, 'specially with the plot posted here . . . :-D

lukery said...

hmmm - i meant "have a great time" not "have a great time?"

ok - so assuming that rimone can't read, maybe we'll have a pic. if she can read, then teeemu is dead.

Superteemu said...

You say "meet with", I'd say "gather intelligence about". But yes, I'm off to London and hopefully am able to meet her.

In case of a lack of report, check here for new developments.

lukery said...

lol - you should ask/beg for one of her 'terrorist' teeshirts. they'll be famous soon.

rimone said...

lol, you people crack me up. of course i'll permit teemu to shoot me, from his mail to me today, it seems we'll be meeting in london on tuesday (or maybe reading, not sure, but reading's like 30 miles west of london and then he's off to london).

only thing is, i hope i don't scare the poor boy away when he sees me. :-(

as well, i hope to lure him into the studio to watch Alabama 3 putting the finishing touches on their new album. only if he wants to, of course. i shall have a ball, especially when he meets Chris (another heavy techie).

LeeB said...

". . . of course i'll permit teemu to shoot me . . . "

Well, phooie. I was hoping we'd get a video of Teemu stalking her . .. ;-)

Kax said...

Rimone, I thought you were flying to the US any day now, cum teehsirt in flight?

rimone said...

Kax, not 'any day now' but relatively soon; waiting for the exactly right time to do it. i /do/ keep up w/news but can't be arsed to really post on it lately, gotta lotta stuff on my mind; the most lately is being forced to Bristol Royal Infirmary for another look at the MRIs they took last dec 05 and to take new ones yesterday. now it seems they have 'new equipment' which shows up shit which i knew in my gut was there when they told me last year i was ok.

sorry for all the mystery but believe me, i shall go back there sometime in spring, i hope, fighting bu$hCo as best as i can.

ps, ego-stroking time: Alabama 3's rushing to finish the new album and go on tour, especially for me since they know of my evil little plan. *proud*

rimone said...

met w/Teemu on Wednesday and we had an excellent time. we went to the Tate and then i took him to Brixton where he met Chris (another techie-boy) and a few of my friends. he left before i could lure him into the studio w/the Alabama 3.

i mailed him last night, asking for the pic(s?) he took of me but haven't heard back from him. i wonder if he's trying to get his hold on reality back? :-)