Monday, February 05, 2007

Non binding nonsense (Guest post by Noise)

McCain, a 2008 White House contender, is sponsoring the resolution expressing support for a troop increase and setting benchmark goals. He sought to capitalize on some of the Democratic division by calling Warner's plan intellectually dishonest.

The measure, McCain said, offers no concrete alternatives to Bush's plan to add 21,500 troops in Iraq.

"I do believe that if you really believe that this is doomed to failure and is going to cost American lives, then you should do what's necessary to prevent it from happening rather than a vote of 'disapproval,'" he said, noting that the proposal does not seek to cut off troop funding. (1)

I agree. The non binding resolution isn't good enough. Bush and AEI have no credibility. Congress should pull out all the stops to oppose their ill conceived escalation plans. I know some people are thinking..."What about the political blame game dumbass? Do you want Democrats to be blamed for "cutting and running" and "emboldening terrorists" and "giving al Qaeda a safe haven to launch attacks against America?"" Congress owes the soldiers their best effort even if that means the nasty corporate media spin machine will attempt to blame the Democrats instead of Bush's awful occupation policies that put soldiers in an impossible situation.


«—U®Anu§—» said...

When the democrats swept in November, sent a little e-mail around asking people what they should do. I told them the first thing should be revoking Bush's authorization for the use of military force. As always, everyone ignored me, and it isn't sweet to think about how I was right or how I told them so. Thusfar the democratic majority seems bent on affability with republicans. This incorrect, stumbling approach is to blame the instant we start a war with Iran, and is causing every soldier to die elsewhere in the meantime.

noise said...

Yep. The calls for bipartisanship are nauseating.