Monday, February 26, 2007

nuclear terrorism fearmongering

* Noise:
"There hasn't been much nuclear terrorism fearmongering in the past couple of years...unless you watch 24 or Republican campaign ads."

* lgf:
"It’s a leftist totalitarian dreamworld. They simply exclude any and all points of view that violate the groupthink—and call it “democracy.”"

* AP:
"The Army refiled charges Friday against a lieutenant who refused to serve in Iraq, about two weeks after his first court-martial was declared a mistrial.

First Lt. Ehren Watada, 28, who refused to deploy with his unit last June, faces the same allegations he initially faced - missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer - and could be sentenced to a dishonorable discharge and six years in prison if convicted. The Army has not set a date for a second court-martial.

``We're back to square one,'' Fort Lewis spokeswoman Leslie Kaye said.

Watada's first trial began early this month but ended abruptly when the judge, Lt. Col. John Head, said he did not believe the soldier fully understood a pretrial agreement he signed admitting elements of the charges. As part of that agreement, the Army dropped two of the charges against him, lowering his potential sentence to four years.

Watada's attorney, Eric Seitz, said he would seek to have the charges dismissed as a violation of the Constitution's protection against double jeopardy."
my good friends at Third Estate Sunday Review have more on watada as hero.

* kurgman (thnx jen):
"Today, the average Californian uses about a third less total energy than the average American, uses less than 60 percent as much electricity, and is responsible for emitting only about 55 percent as much carbon dioxide."
sanfrancisco values.

* amy goodman had craig unger on the show, discussing his vanityfair article "From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq." about the propaganda war re iran. Interestingly, Rick Macarthur, publisher of Harpers said:
"Again, I urge people to read other newspapers and to read the Associated Press. The Associated Press, which I used to make fun of, I’ll admit, as a former UPI man, has become the alternative source of information in the United States, along with the BBC and a couple of British papers. The AP has gotten very good. And if you just read a straight Associated Press story on any of these stories -- Iraq, Iranian meddling, alleged Iranian meddling in Iraq, and so on and so forth -- you would get a straighter story, a better understanding of what’s going on than you would get from the New York Times."

* calipendence:
"Sounds more and more like David Kelley's "suicide" wasn't his own doing... I still wonder how much his death was related to these guys committing potentially capital crimes just to "get revenge" on someone like Joseph Wilson!"

* guardian (thnx calipendence):
"The Hutton Inquiry's finding that David Kelly committed suicide does not "hold water", and the truth is that the Government scientist must have been murdered, said a senior backbench MP.

Following a personal investigation lasting eight months, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker said he did not believe that Prime Minister Tony Blair or the Government were "actually responsible for his death".

But he declined to say who he did believe was to blame, telling GMTV's The Sunday Programme that he had narrowed down his investigation to three or four possible explanations, which he was subjecting to further analysis before announcing his conclusions."


Simon said...

Norman Baker to the BBC:

"I'm satisfied it was not suicide. And after that you're left with the conclusion that his life was deliberately taken by others," he tells The Conspiracy Files.

He tells the programme it has been suggested to him that the weapons scientist was assassinated.

Speaking last week on BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr Baker said he was not ready to reveal all the evidence he has unearthed, but would consider passing a file to the police in due course.

Actually there is another conclusion that could be drawn. That Doctor Kelly deliberately did what he did to make it look like he had been murdered. In effect, and also for effect, he may well have murdered himself.

lukery said...

hi simon. good to see yuo.

that's a funny theory you have. i'm not exactly sure that i buy into it.

Mizgîn said...

LGF really wrote that??