Friday, February 16, 2007

ok - so here i am for a few brief minutes...

i've had a great time, will be back in the saddle fully on monday - complete with my new suntan (i'll probably type a lot more slowly after 2 weeks on the beach).  

I havent been able to follow too much stuff these last coupla weeks - the only 'news' i've consumed is stuff like 'there was a fight between two men on the corner of streets X & Y on the weekend - thankfully, no-one was hurt'

i haven't heard a single thing about the libby trial. i've just now learnt that wilkes and foggo are in strife (woohoo). the john howard / obama thing has been kinda big news (yay, us) - it seems to  me that Little Johnny was put up to that by his pay masters - Why Johnny? and  Why Obama? and Why Now? are all interesting questions.

oh - and the iran stuff looks like it's getting ramped up still/again - although the  lies are so transparent that they don't even survive first contact with the (oz) media so it's difficult to  know where that will end up.  i did hear one funny report the other day that ahmedinijad was on diane sawyer and that Bush 'countered the iranian president's claims on the less-popular c-span network.'

i hear that the KTM screening went great last weekend, and separately, waxman's committee 'passed' some great whistleblower protection 'legislation' on Tuesday (I'm not exactly sure what happens next and what it all means - I'll report more later)

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

It's rather good to get a break, isn't it, Luke? Recently we've had some very cold weather and I spent the day keeping warm and not reading the news. I got no headaches, but experienced a little arm's-length perspective which imparted an even more profound sense of horror. I concluded it's better to be curious about what's happening and get a headache than not care and nurture the death of my soul.

Well, this morning Janet wanted me to go with her to attend a breakfast thrown by a local writer's group discussing how to get a book published. They had some new ideas, but all they wanted to write about was personal experience and "empowerment." It's sad watching people try ever so hard to get others to read and buy their pointless rambling. I wanted to tell them to WAKE UP, but they seemed like nice folks so I behaved myself. Want to get a book published? Try being an actual expert on a subject, with polished writing skills, someone from whom a publisher would want a manuscript. I didn't tell them that, and perhaps I should have. Oh well, enjoy your holiday Luke, because it's back to the salt mines with you.