Tuesday, February 20, 2007

wingnuts love sibel edmonds

* Right wing nutcase Debbie Schlussel:
Special Treatment: Relaxing Intelligence Rules for Muslims, Arabs

Hmmm . . . Did they do this for the Irish, Italians, Germans, and Jews?

The Washington Post reported, this week, that incoming National Intelligence Chief, Navy Vice Adm. John M. McConnell, wants to relax rules requiring U.S. citizenship for the relatives of first-generation Americans, in order to get highly sensitive intelligence jobs. He wants to do this to get more Muslims and Arabs with language skills in these jobs.

Perhaps intelligence director is really not a job for which he's equipped, because he seems to be devoid of basic intelligence. Isn't McConnell aware of the vast problems the FBI, CIA, and other agencies have had with Arabic translators who are Muslim? Has he not read a paper in the last 5.5 years to discover a plethora of reports on how part of the backlog in document translation is because disloyal Muslims (mostly Arabs) have deliberately mis-translated documents? Hello . . .?

Some of this information was made public by courageous former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, a Turkish Muslim who is one of the few translators that could be trusted. She turned in a fellow Muslim translator who was deliberately providing fraudulent translations, and in response, the FBI fired Edmonds.

So, let's just bend the rules for them . . . even though we've never done it for any other ethnicity or religious group. Because to hell with equal protection laws and due process.
Relaxing these rules would make the intelligence services far more vulnerable to espionage and should frighten us all. Comforting to know that we now have a "Director of National Intelligence" of limited basic personal intelligence.

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Mizgîn said...

Can someone please explain to me WTF Sibel's religion, or suggested religion, or whatever, has to do with this?

Why is it that these dumbshit American fascists automatically assume that just because someone is from "The Region" that they are mindless bin Laden wannabes?

Is that because dumbshit fascists are ALL mindless religious fanatics themselves--absolutely NO DIFFERENT in type than the religious fanatics that brought down the WTC?

Yet they, themselves, are the very ones who have enabled the spread of religious fanaticism in order to further their own sick national interests. Totalitarian political Islam is their baby.