Tuesday, March 20, 2007

as only driftglass can....

* coming down with drifty:
"However The Word has come down from Mount Goofy that, after Four Years, any mention of timelines, dates, or measurable of any kind is de facto “precipitous”, treasonable and aids and abets our enemies in Eurasia. No more screwing around by hinting that debate and dissent might not automatically = disloyalty.

Anything short of an eternally open-ended "Yea!" to the campaign to Completely End Badness in the Cradle of Civilization = disater and failure.

Which, in a completely unintentional sense is true. Iraq is the Neocon’s Pickett’s Charge, and the Bush Administration’s Carthage. A complete and unqualified failure of every Neocon orthodoxy at every level.

And to admit their failure in Iraq would mean to admit that Neoconservativism -- the ideological framework which created PNAC; the disease for which Iraq is merely the most violent symptom – is also a failure.

And Richard Perle, Stephen Hadley and the rest of the residents of the Neocon Jonestown will see America completely hollowed out and emptied into Iraq – our treasury gone and our army destroyed – before they admit that their National Socialism Lite has been the Father of the Iraqi Disaster, and not its savior."
and on Delay & Perle:
"At some point don’t people who have now been USDA-certified to be malignant douchbags and who have been utterly wrong about everything longer than many sea turtles have been alive have to have their license to use declarative sentences revoked?
Perle and DeLay are interesting to watch not for their arguments – which are ridiculous – or their McCarthyesque pronouncement – which are trifling lies – but rather for the anthropological experience of seeing two perfect specimens of utterly failed, utterly corrupted wastes of meat and skin go thought their paces, gibbering and smiling away, completely impervious to reason or conscience.

Two moral corpses walking among the living, still raving out the same lies they have told for years. Lies that have caused the death and suffering of untold hundreds of thousand. Lies each now told as onelongjammedtogetheronrushingsentence. Each lie now just noise; a feverish, talismanic incantations – ritually enacted these days like Stations of the Neocon Cross, rather than spoken.

As if their old power to simply shut down reason and truth by bellowing “Traitor!” at anyone who looks at ‘em cross-eyed were still a hot and lively weapon in their clammy hands.

But those days are gone, and these true Enemies Within are now seen for what they are, naked and toothless in the noonday sun.

Because now, at last, the specific gravity of the sheer dead weight of the layer upon layer upon layer of bloodsoaked lies on which this Administration stands – centrifuged by time and events and simple facts -- has at least temporarily stratified the political world into divisions as distinct as the Permian-Triassic boundary.

On one side, Good and Light…

On the other, DeLay and Perle. Two slabs of ambulatory cultural cancer that are about as wholly, unsalvageably vile as creatures get who don’t literally burst into flames in direct sunlight or need to bathe in the blood of virgins to stay perky.

As I said, at one level, a simple exchange.

It was, at another level, quite remarkable. Like watched Ebola virus squirm and breed, and then storm and destroy healthy tissue under a microscope. Perle – who radiates the aura of something fangy and hairy and partially undigested that Dick Cheney had to have chiseled out of colon with a steam hammer -- belongs in perp-orange in a glass cage at the Hague.

DeLay, who belongs in non-remunerated Federal custody, continues to serve as a valuable, Poster Child-reminder that there are still millions of our fellow citizens who, every two years, yank themselves out of their sister’s bung long enough to jump fireman-style into their overalls and shitkickers and slouch off to the polls to vote straight fascist ticket."

as only driftglass can....

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