Friday, March 23, 2007

Bush White House: so perverted

* christy on the purge:
"That the Bush White House has so perverted the system that I am even asking myself whether each and every prosecution that has been brought deserves public scrutiny for politicization is bad enough. That I have been asking myself whether the appointments to a lifetime service on the federal bench are equally tainted is the next step — and I am well past that point.

As an American citizen, as a lawyer, and as someone who beleives wholeheartedly in the principles behind the rule of law, I say this with as much disgust and disdain as I can muster: these people must answer publicly for their role in attempting to subvert the foundations of American government and justice. That means full testimony, under oath and in public. Anything less wil leave questions lingering in the minds of each and every lawyer who works within the criminal justice system — and that taint cannot be allowed to stand.

The Bush Administration made the decision to pervert the system of justice with their vile, political hackery. They can damn well stand up like adults and face the music for it."
* christy:
"The modern Republican party is built on a foundation of smarm, run by two-bit snake oil salesmen and hucksters who think of nothing more than gathering more power and more opportunities to shovel money into the pockets of their cronies. At what point does America say enough?

Please, for the love of all that is holy, let that day be today."

* the remnants of Novak's brain fall out here in the WAPO. The big question is why on earth would he write that?


oldschool said...

re Novak: ...why on earth would he write that?

Jeebus - I just read it. I could deconstruct that column paragraph by paragraph, or line for line, without breaking a sweat. But why bother? It isn't written for you or me or anyone outside the 30% bubble.

My guess? He has a crush on Vicki Toensing.

P.S. Whatever you do, do not try to mentally picture the logistics of a Novak/Toensing coupling. I wouldn't want to be responsible for that.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Novak is the Armitage of the Post, a GOP megaphone and leading contender for the Shrillest Shill For The Bush Gestapo wall plaque. A true neoconservative, Novak likes to show himself he can commit the most obvious, loathsome violations of the public trust, break the law and tell wild lies about it all, and he gets a pass because his big ass is so fat.

You'd think that'd answer the question, and you'd be right.

lukery said...

oldschool - 'do not think of a pink elephant'

thnx dude.