Monday, March 05, 2007

* Chicago Dyke:
"Please check out this Sibel Edmonds blog. There is so much going on in her case. She’s a CT foiler’s wet dream: a high ranking intelligence official who is spilling the beans. Everyone should keep in mind what she is talking about, because it touches on so much of what is happening in our government today."
Thnx CD. And we'll have some IMPORTANT news here on Monday - around 2-3pm Eastern. With any luck, it'll be the talk of the nation on Tuesday.

* Raimondo slams obama for his AIPAC speech

* uranus:
"I'm sick of the Bushes, Cheneys and Rumsfelds coming back to haunt us, and as a teenager was tired of the glorification of war. I have a new rule for the world: everyone lives. It's the slogan for the cat sanctuary initiative I'm attempting to launch here. In these two words is hope for the shift in social ideology that can save the world."

* btw - i was doing some housework on the blogger - 'upgrading' again to a new template or something or other and cleaning up the links to the Sibel stuff over there on the right. i went to add back in the comment feature where you can see who has commented on a post, and Blogger's instruction article on how to do that now sez "Note: This article assumes you are using a classic template (without the Layouts features)." Dammit. I'll try to fix that at some point - but I'm not sure i'll be able to - especially in the near term (unless someone who is much smarter than me can volunteer - it's too complimicated for me).


Simon said...

Hi Luke - on your btw - just a thought on the formatting thing about commentator's names showing up on each post - maybe the site looks cleaner and more professional without them?

I think this is a pretty powerful place now with all that goes on here - and you're moving up-stream !! (linked to from The Left Coaster - probably one of the best lists out there :) !!!

How about a 'Regulars' list underneath the 'Contributors' bit in the sidebar instead?? You know - all the GSF crew and anyone else who posts here from time to time?

Like I said - just a thought - just wondered what you (or anyone else here) would think about that?

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Thanks for the FP. It'd be nice if we could put the regulars on the map, provided they want to divulge their whereabouts. But, that's calling in a few favors and I'm not owed any. My fun challenges of working Google sign-in and Microsoft antipiracy continue.

I need Janet's contributions toward writing a new ordinance and promoting our program. She's a little inertia-locked by the prospect of doing battle with more mean, stupid people over helpless animals. I talked her into helping me clean up leaves and brush around this property tomorrow and, if she makes it, I have to prosthetize my born-again message anew. So far as I can tell, no community in the U.S. is a cat sanctuary, but there are some in the U.K. Save the kitties, and save the world.

«—U®Anu§—» said...

Prosthetize?? Try proselytize. I can't believe I did that.

lukery said...

any thoughts on simon's comments?

uranus - i need to fix that GSF map - so that it links to the proper map with the people on it.